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58 STAT.] AFGHANISTAN-EXCHANGE OF PUBLICATIONS-FEB . 29, 1944 1407 LIST II OFFICIAL PUBLICATIONS TO BE FURNISHED REGULARLY BY THE ROYAL AFGHAN GOVERNMENT NEWSPAPERS "Islah" (daily "Anis" (daily) PARLIAMENT Regulations of the National Assembly and its Internal Rules Afghan Laws in force MINISTRY OF EDUCATION "Ainah-i -Irfan" (monthly) School Curricula School Books AFGHAN NATIONAL BANK Statutes of the National Bank "Pangha" (monthly) BANK OF AFGHANISTAN Statutes of the Bank of Afghanistan MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS Published Treaties and Conventions List of Members of the Diplomatic Corps MINISTRY OF NATIONAL ECONOMY "Iqtesad" (monthly) MINISTRY OF PUBLIC HEALTH "Roghtiya" (monthly) Announcements regarding contagious diseases MINISTRY OF POSTS AND TELEGRAPHS Publications regarding postal, telegraph and telephone rates MINISTRY OF WAR "Urdu-i-Afghan" (monthly) Books printed by the Military College and Schools available to the public AFGHAN ACADEMY (Pushtu Tolana) "Kabul" (monthly) "Salnameh-i-Kabul" (annual) Books published by the Academy "Ariana" (monthly) published by the Historical Section.