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58 STAT.] SPAIN-AIR TRANSPORT SERVICES-DEC. 2 , 1944 dered nor conditions or limitations imposed without prior consulta- tion with the other party. (d) At least two weeks before beginning to operate the services which are the object of this Agreement, the carrier or carriers desig- nated by either contracting party will notify the competent authori- ties of the other contracting party of the schedules, tariffs, general terms of carriage and type of aircraft which it is proposed to use. Similar notification will be given whenever the above-mentioned data are to be modified. ARTICLE III The certificates of airworthiness, certificates of competency or li- censes issued or rendered valid by one of the contracting parties for the aircraft and crews which are to effect the services of the lines covered by the present Agreement will be valid in the territory of the other contracting party. ARICLE IV On the basis of most-favored-nation treatment, each of the con- tracting parties agrees not to impose, and to use its best efforts to prevent the imposition of, any restrictions or limitations as to use of airports and airways, connections with other transportation services, or pertinent facilities in general to be utilized within its territory, which might be competitively or otherwise disadvantageous to the air carrier enterprises of the other party. ARTICLE V (a) The importation or exportation of fuels, lubricants, spare parts, motors, equipment and material in general intended for exclusive use by aircraft of, or for operations by the air carrier enterprises of, both contracting parties will be effected on the basis of most-favored- nation treatment with respect to the payment of customs duties, inspection fees and other taxes and charges. (b) The fuel and lubricants, as well as the legitimate equipment and stores on board the aircraft of either of the contracting parties arriv- ing in and departing from the territory of the other contracting party, shall be exempt from customs duties or charges, even when the mentioned fuel, lubricants, equipment and stores aboard are used by the aircraft on a flight in that territory. ARTICLE VI The commercial air traffic between two points under the national sovereignty or jurisdiction of one of the two contracting parties is exclusively reserved to the party which exercises said sovereignty or jurisdiction. Each of the contracting parties shall be entitled to most- favored-nation treatment with respect to the carriage of such traffic in the territory of the other contracting party. For purposes of this Agreement, national sovereignty or jurisdiction is understood to mean the national metropolitan territory and outlying territories, posses- sions and colonies, and the territorial waters adjacent thereto. 1475 Notification of pro- posed schedules, etc. Validity of certifi- cates or licenses. Disadvantageous restrictions or limita- tions. Importation or ex- portation of fuel,spare parts, etc. Exemption front customs duties or charges. Certain commercial air traffic reserved. " National sover- eignty or jurisdic- tion. "