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58 STAT.] PALESTINE-PARCEL POST-Sept. 1944 1539 which accompany them, or the empty bags as the case may be, against the particulars entered on the relative parcel bill and, if necessary, shall report missing articles or other irregularities by means of a veri- fication note. 2. Any discrepancies in the credits and accounting shall be notified to the dispatching office of exchange by verification note. The accepted verification notes shall be attached to the parcel bills to which they relate. Corrections made on parcel bills not supported by vouchers shall not be considered valid. ARTICLE 21. Accounting for credits. 1. Each Administration shall cause each of its offices of exchange to prepare monthly for all the parcel mails dispatched to it during the month by each of the offices of exchange of the other Administra- tion a statement of the total amounts entered on the parcel bills, whether to its credit or to its debit. 2. These statements shall be afterwards summarized by the same Administrations in quarterly accounts which, accompanied by the parcel bills relating thereto, shall be forwarded to the corresponding Administration in the course of the quarter following that to which it relates. 3. The recapitulation, transmission, examination, and acceptance of these accounts must not be delayed. After acceptance, the accounts shall be summarized in a quarterly general account prepared by the Administration to which the balance is due and payment of the bal- ance shall take place, at the latest, at the expiration of the following quarter. After expiration of this term, the sums due from one Admin- istration to the other shall bear interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annum to be reckoned from the date of expiration of the said term. The balance due must be paid by sight draft drawn on New York, or by some other means mutually agreed upon by correspondence. ARTICLE 22. Entry into force and duration of the Detailed Regulations. The present Detailed Regulations shall come into force on the day on which the Parcel Post Agreement comes into force and shall have the same duration as the Agreement. The Administrations con- cerned shall, however, have the power by mutual consent to modify the details from time to time. Done in duplicate and signed at Washington, on the sixth day of signatures. September 1944, and at Jerusalem, on the tenth day of May 1943. [EL] K. P. ALDRICH Acting PostmasterGeneral of the United States of America. G. H. WEBSrr Postmaster General of Palestine.