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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [58 STAT. statistical compilations that should be undertaken by the Mexican Government as permanent activities to parallel the actual operations of the fishing industry. outline of propoed Following is an outline of the plan under which the Fish and Wild- life Service proposes to cooperate with the Department of Fisheries of Mexico: 1. The Fish and Wildlife Service will assign to Mexico Mr. Milton J. Lindner, an aquatic biologist of its Division of Fishery Biology who is already known to the Mexican authorities, to assist in planning and directing the proposed studies, his services to be rendered on a part-time basis covering a period of approximately six months of each of two consecutive years. 2. The Fish and Wildlife Service will pay Mr. Lindner's salary and other expenses during the entire period of his services. 3.- The Fish and Wildlife Service will provide, for the duration of the studies, part-time clerical assistance, for Mr. Lindner; pay ex- penses incident to the annual rental, furnishing, equipment and sup- plies for an office and laboratory in Mexico City, or elsewhere in Mexico; and defray all expenses incident to communication services and the transportation of supplies, equipment and scientific materials. 4. The Fish and Wildlife Service will also loan for the duration of the studies such supplies, equipment, books, or other materials as it may now have available for that purpose. 5. It is proposed that the Government of Mexico assign three assistants for the shrimp investigations and pay their salaries and travel and subsistence expenses, and that additional personnel be provided if studies of other fisheries are undertaken simultaneously. Persons already employed by the Mexican Department of Fisheries or persons familiar with the marine fisheries and possessing training in biology shall be given preference for these assignments, and it is suggested that they be selected with a view to their future employ- ment by the Department of Fisheries to carry out the recommenda- tions made at the end of the two year study. 6. It is proposed that the Government of Mexico provide suitable office and laboratory facilities and equipment for the investigation at Guaymas, Sonora; that funds be made available for the charter, when needed, of a small vessel for off-shore studies at an estimated annual cost of about 2,500 pesos; and that approximately 5,000 pesos be set aside for miscellaneous scientific equipment, and miscellaneous fishing equipment and supplies (including 2,500 pesos for shrimp pins and tags which have already been ordered by the Mexican Govern- ment), 7. The expenses incident to the obligations mentioned in Items 5 and 6, shall be paid directly by the Mexican Government.