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58 STAT.] CANADA-DEFENSE INSTALLATIONS AND FACILITIES Nov. 22,1944 Dec. 20, 1944 The Secretary of State to the Canadian Ambasador DEPARTMENT OF STATE WASHINGTON December 20, 1944 EXCELLENCY: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note no. 399, November 22, 1944, referring to recent discussions on the disposition of defense projects, installations and facilities built or provided in Canada by the Government of the United States and informing me of the approval by the Canadian Government of the 33rd Recom- mendation of the Permanent Joint Board on Defense, United States and Canada on this subject. The 33rd Recommendation amends and supersedes the 28th Recommendation of the Board which was em- bodied in the exchange of notes of January 27, 1943. The United States Government has been pleased to observe that, pursuant to the 28th Recommendation specific agreements have al- ready been reached covering the disposition of the major defense projects constructed by the United States in Canada. It is considered that the current Recommendation of the Board is suitable for applica- tion to all projects, disposition of which remains unsettled and I am glad, therefore, to inform you that the Government of the United States approved the 33rd Recommendation on November 11, 1944. It is noted that the Canadian Government's approval is subject to the following proviso: "That, as there are certain facilities whose disposal would entail expenses such as custody and demolition, any expense of such a character would be taken into consideration in the final accounting." In accepting the Canadian Government's proviso to the 33rd Rec- ommendation, I believe it useful to mention that it is understood by this Government from an explanatory memorandum kindly furnished by the Canadian authorities that expenses of custody and demolition will be taken into account by the appraisers and will through their findings be reflected in the final accounting. In conclusion I may state that the United States Government accepts the proposal that your note under reference and this reply shall be regarded as placing on record the understanding arrived at between the two Governments on this matter. Accept, Excellency, the renewed assurances of my highest consid- eration. EDWARD R. SrTrNmrs, Jr. His Excellency LEIGHTON McCArTHY, Ambassador of anada. 57 Stat. 1429. Acceptance of pro- viso. 1567