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1594 Plans, surveys, etc. Acquisition of land. Availability of nat- ural products, etc. Repair of tools and equipment. Construction equip- ment. INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [58 STAT. Upon receipt of a note from Your Excellency accepting the offer stipulated in this note and the understandings on which this note is based, the Government of the United States is prepared to undertake at once the necessary steps to carry into effect this offer. Accept, Excellency, the renewed assurances of my highest consid- eration. CORDELL HULL Enclosure: Memorandum, August 29, 1940. His Excellency Sefior Dr. Don JORGE E. BOYD, Ambassador of Panama. August 29, 1940 MEMORANDUM OF PROCEDURE TO BE FOLLOWED IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE TRANS-ISTHMIAN HIGHWAY (1) The United States Public Roads Administration will be respon- sible for the plans, surveys and estimates, and for all engineering work for a dual highway, and for the construction of one 20-foot roadway through the territory of the Republic of Panama from a point on the boundary of the Madden Dam area at Alhajuela to a point on the boundary of the Canal Zone near Cativa, the full engi- neering and construction cost thereof to be paid by the Public Roads Administration. The final location is to be concurred in by the Chief Engineer of the Highway Board of Panama. (2) The Republic of Panama shall institute and prosecute to com- pletion, without expense to the United States, all necessary proceed- ings for the expropriation, condemnation, acquisition or purchase of land required in the construction of the road providing a minimum right of way of 100 feet for each roadway within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Panama. (3) The Republic of Panama shall furnish free of charge in natural deposits all stone, gravel, sand, earth, or other natural products for the construction, whether or not these occur on the public domain, as well as easements necessary to make these deposits available wherever these materials cannot be readily obtained within the Canal Zone. The Republic of Panama shall likewise make available free of charge lands necessary for the use of construction camps, storage of materials, and all other purposes incident to the work. (4) The Republic of Panama shall make available for the repair of tools and equipment used in this construction, and at a reasonable cost for time and materials, the facilities of the mechanical shops of the Highway Board of Panama in so far as these may be adequate for the purpose. (5) The Republic of Panama shall furnish such of its construction equipment as may become available from the Chorrera-Rio Hato Highway that may be required on the Trans-Isthmian Highway at a rental rate or sale price to be determined by the depreciated value