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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 943, 944-AUG. 9 ,1946 Study of historic SEC. 4 . The Commission shall make a study of the historic area and the area surrounding and contiguous to the locality involved, the buildings now in existence there, comparative real-estate costs, the advisability of condemnation of all or any part of the said locality and area, which of the present buildings should remain privately Rep o rt. owned, if any, and shall prepare a report on all phases of the prob- lem. Such report shall be transmitted to the Congress by the Secre- MniattonofCor- tary of the Interior not later than January 3, 1947. Upon submission of the report to Congress, the Commission shall cease to exist. ncions, etc., of SlEO . 5. The Commission, or any member thereof, may, for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act, hold hearings and sit and act at such places and times, require by subpena the attendance of such witnesses other than persons engaged in essential war indus- tries as defined by the War Manpower Commission, and the produc- tion of such books, papers, and documents, administer such oaths, and take such testimony, as the Commission or such member deems advisable. Subpenas shall be issued under the signature of the Chair- man of the Commission and shall be served by any person designated by him. For purposes of the exercise of the functions, powers, and duties conferred or imposed by this Act, the provisions of sections 9 and 10 (relating to the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of evidence) of the Federal Trade Commission Act of 38Stat. 7 . S23.September 16, 1914, as amended (U. S . C ., 1940 edition, title 15, sees. 49 and 50), are hereby made applicable so far as is consistent with the provisions of this Act. ttpIes,e xpend- SEa. 6 . (a) The Secretary of the Interior may appoint and fix the compensation, in accordance with the provisions of the civil-service 2stat. 14 is. laws and the Classification Act of 1923, as amended, of such experts, 74; supp. v, e66 advisers, and other employees, and may make such expenditures, et ,pp,. 2 including expenditures for actual travel and subsistence expense of members, employees, and witnesses (not exceeding $15 for subsistence expense for any one person for any one calendar day), for personal services at the seat of government and elsewhere, and for printing and binding, as are necessary for the efficient execution of the functions, voluntary service powers, and duties of the Commission under this Act. The Commis- sion is authorized to utilize voluntary and uncompensated services for tAp1pratlo au- the purposes of this Act. There is hereby authorized to be appro- priated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $15,000 to carry out the provisions of this Act. FP. transml ssion (b) The Commission shall have the same privilege of free trans- mission of official mail matter as is granted by law to officers of the United States Government. Approved August 9, 1946. [CHAPTER 944] August 9, 9 AN ACT [. R.30i1 To authorize the.use of certain lands of the United States for flowage in connec- Public Law 7121 tion with providing additional storage space in the Pensacola Reservoir of the Grand River Dam project in Oklahoma, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Use of Ul.s. ads United States of Amerca in Congress assembled, That the following- for waters of Grd described lands of the United States located in the State of Oklahoma and held for Indian school purposes, to wit: All those parts of the northeast quarter southeast quarter section 20, and the northeast quarter southwest quarter, southeast quarter southwest quarter, south- west quarter southeast quarter, and southeast quarter southeast quarter section 21, township 27 north, range 24 east, Indian meridian, Wyan- dotte Reserve, in Ottawa County, lying between elevations 750 and 760 feet above mean sea level, may be used perpetually by the United 974 [60 STAT.