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PUBLIC LAWS-OH. 951-AUG. 10, 1946 49 Stat. 622 . 42U.S.C.§§401- 409; Supp. V, J 401 et seq. Ante, p. 732; post, p. 986 et seq. Determination of amount, etc. Acceptance of certi- fication. 49 Stat. 626 . 42U.S.C.l 501- 603. Post, p. 991 . 49 Stat. 626 . 42 U. . C.. 503 (a) (6). Title II with respect to decisions by the Administrator under such title. "(d) Operators of vessels who are or were general agents of the War Shipping Administration or of the United States Maritime Com- mission shall furnish to individuals who have been in Federal mari- time service, to the appropriate State agency, and to the Adminis- trator such information with respect to wages and salaries as the Administrator may determine to be practicable and necessary to carry out the purposes of this title. "(e) Pursuant to regulations prescribed by the Administrator, he, and any State agency making payments of compensation pur- suant to an agreement under this section, may- "(1) to the extent that the Administrator finds that it is not feasible for Federal agencies or operators of vessels to furnish information necessary to permit exact and reasonably prompt determinations of the wages or salaries of individuals who have performed Federal maritime service, determine the amount of and pay compensation to any individual under this section, or an agreement thereunder, as if the wages or salary paid such individual for each week of such service were in an amount equal to his average weekly wages or salary for the last pay period of such service occurring prior to the time he files his initial claim for compensation; and "(2) to the extent that information is inadequate to assure the prompt payment of compensation authorized by this section (either on the basis of the exact wages or salaries of the indi- viduals concerned or on the basis prescribed in clause (1) of this subsection), accept certification under oath by individuals of facts relating to their Federal maritime service and to wages and salaries paid them with respect to such service. C"ADMINISTRATION "SEc. 1304. (a) Determinations of entitlement to payments of compensation by a State unemployment compensation agency under an agreement under this title shall be subject to review in the same manner and to the same extent as determinations under the State unemployment compensation law, and only in such manner and to such extent. "(b) For the purpose of payments made to a State under Title III administration by the unemployment compensation agency of such State pursuant to an agreement under this title shall be deemed to be a part of the administration of the State unemployment compensation law. "(c) The State unemployment compensation agency of each State shall furnish to the Administrator such information as the Admin- istrator may find necessary in carrying out the provisions of this title, and such information shall be deemed reports required by the Administrator for the purposes of section 303 (a) (6). "P AYM ENTS TO STATES "SEC. 1305. (a) Each State shall be entitled to be paid by the United States an amount equal to the additional cost to the State of payments of compensation made under and in accordance with an agreement under this title, which would not have been incurred by the State but for the agreement. "(b) In making payments pursuant to subsection (a) of this section, there shall be paid to the State, either in advance or by way of reim- bursement, as may be determined by the Administrator, such sum as 984 [60 STAT.