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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 957-AUG. 13, 1946 direction of the Foreign Service in accordance with modern prac- tices in public administration; and (9) to codify into one Act all provisions of law relating to the administration of the Foreign Service. PART C-DEINTImoN SEC. 121 . When used in this Act, the term- (1) "Service" means the Foreign Service of the United States; 2) "Secretary" means the Secretary of State; (3) "Department" means the Department of State; (4) "Government agency" means any executive department, board, bureau, commission, or other agency in the executive branch of the Federal Government, or any corporation wholly owned (either directly or through one or more corporations) by the United States; (5) "Government" means the Government of the United States of America; (6) "Continental United States" means the States and the District of Columbia; (7) "Abroad" means all areas not included in the continental United States as defined in paragraph (6) of this section; (8) "Principal officer" means the officer in charge of an embassy, legation, or other diplomatic mission or of a consulate general, con- sulate, or vice consulate of the United States; and (9) "Chief of mission" means a principal officer appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to be in charge of an embassy or legation or other diplomatic mission of the United States, or any person assigned under the terms of this Act to be minister resident, charge d'affaires, commissioner, or diplomatic agent. TITLE II-GOVERNING BODIES FOR THE DIRECTION OF THE SERVICE PART A-OFFICERS DIRECTOR GENERAL SEC. 201. The Service shall be administered by a Director General of the Foreign Service, hereinafter referred to as the Director General, who shall be appointed by the Secretary from among Foreign Service officers in the class of career minister or in class 1. Under the general supervision of the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary of State in charge of the administration of the Department, the Director General shall, in addition to administering the Service and performing the duties specifically vested in him by this or any other Act, coordinate the activities of the Service with the needs of the Department and of other Government agencies and direct the performance by officers and employees of the Service of the duties imposed on them by the terms of any law or by any order or regulation issued pursuant to law or by any international agreement to which the United States is a party. DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL SEC. 202. The Director General shall be assisted by a Deputy Direc- tor General of the Foreign Service, hereinafter referred to as the Deputy Director General, who shall be appointed by the Secretary. If he is a Foreign Service officer, he shall be selected from among offi- cers in the class of career minister or in class 1. The Deputy Director General shall act in the place of the Director General in the event of his absence or incapacity. 1000 [60 STAT.