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1018 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 957-AUG. 13, 1946 PART I-INSPECTIONS [60 STAT. Inspectors. SEC. 681. The Secretary shall assign or detail Foreign Service offi- cers as Foreign Service inspectors to inspect in a substantially uniform manner and at least once every two years the work of the diplomatic Authority to sus- and consular establishments of the United States. Whenever the pend offier, etc. Secretary has reason to believe that the business of a consulate is not being properly conducted and that it is necessary in the public interest, he may authorize any Foreign Service inspector to suspend the principal officer or any subordinate consular officer and to administer the office in the place of the principal officer for a period not exceeding ninety days. The Secretary may also authorize a Foreign Service inspector to suspend any diplomatic officer except a chief of mission. A Foreign Service inspector shall have the authority to suspend any other officer or employee of the Service. TITLE VII-THE FOREIGN SERVICE INSTITUTE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE INSTITUTE SEc. 701. The Secretary shall, in order to furnish training and instruction to officers and employees of the Service and of the Depart- ment and to other officers and employees of the Government for whom training and instruction in the field of foreign relations is necessary, and in order to promote and foster programs of study incidental to such training, establish a Foreign Service Institute, hereinafter called the Institute. THE DIRECTOR OF THE INSTITTE--APPOINTMENT, SALARY, AND DUTIES SEC. 702. The head of the Institute, who shall be known as its Director, shall be appointed by the Secretary. The Director shall, under the general supervision of the Director General and under such regulations as the Secretary may prescribe, establish the basic pro- cedures to be followed by the Institute; plan and provide for the general nature of the training and instruction to be furnished at the Institute; correlate the training and instruction to be furnished at the Institute with the training activities of the Department and other Government agencies and with courses given at private institutions that are designed or may serve to furnish training and instruction to officers and employees of the Service; encourage and foster such pro- grams outside of the Institute as will be complementary to those of the Institute; and take such other action as may be required for the proper administration of the Institute. AID TO NONPROFIT INSTITUTIONS SEC. 703. The Secretary may, within the limits of such appropria- tions as may be made specifically therefor, make grants or furnish such other gratuitous assistance as he may deem necessary or advisable to nonprofit institutions cooperating with the Institute in any of the programs conducted by the Director by authority of this title. APPOINTMENT, ASSIGNMENT, AND DETAIL TO THE INSTITUTE Faculty or staff. SEC. 704. (a) The Secretary may appoint to the faculty or staff of the Institute on a full- or part-time basis such personnel as he may deem necessary to carry out the provisions of this title in accordance with the provisions of the civil-service laws and regulations and the 42 tat. 1488. - lassification Act of 1923, as amended, except that, when deemed nec- 674; Supp. V, 1 661 e essary by the Secretary for the effective administration of this title, Ase, pp. 216, 219. personnel may be appointed without regard to such laws and regula- tions, but any person so appointed shall receive a salary at one of the