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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 957-AUG. 13, 1946 of the annuity shall cease from the date of a medical examination Fees and expeses. showing recovery. Fees for examinations under this provision, together with reasonable traveling and other expenses incurred in order to submit to examination, shall be paid out of the Fund. Discontinuance of (c) When the annuity is discontinued under this provision before annuity. the annuitant has received a sum equal to the total amount of his contributions, with accrued interest, the difference shall be paid to him or his legal representatives in the order of precedence prescribed in section 841. DEATH IN SERVICE tabsthe ithout ela SEC. 832. In case a participant shall die without having estab- lished a valid claim for annuity, the total amount of his contributions with interest thereon at 4 per centum per annum, compounded on Post,p. 1025. June 30 of each year, except as provided in section 881 and as here- inafter provided in this section, shall be paid to his legal representa- tives in the order of precedence given under section 841 upon the estab- Paymentofannuity lishment of a valid claim therefor. If the. deceased participant rendered at least five years of service, and is survived by a widow to whom he was married for at least three years, or who is the mother of issue by such marriage, such widow shall be paid an annuity equal to the annuity which she would have been entitled to receive if her husband had been retired on the date of his death and had elected to receive a reduced joint and survivorship annuity, computed as pre- Ate, p. 1020. scribed in section 821, providing the maximum annuity for his widow unless prior to the date of his death he shall have elected, in lieu of such widow's annuity, and with the approval of the Secretary to have his deductions returned with interest as provided in the frst sentence of this section covering participants dying without having established a valid claim fpr annuity. If the deceased participant had had less than twenty years of service at the time of his death, the annuity payable to his widow shall be computed on the assumption that he had had twenty years of service. Ante, p. 1020. Person not a For- eign Service officer, etc. Ante, p. 1020. Voluntary retire- ment. Ante, p. 1020. Return of contribu- tions, etc., upon sepa- ration. Post,p. 1025 . Payment of desig- natedaxcess. Pot,p. 126 . RETIREMENT OF PERSONS WHO ARE PARTICIPANTS UNDER SECTION 803 (A) (3) SEC. 833. (a) Any person who is a participant, has at least twenty years of service to his credit, and has reached the age of fifty years, but is not a Foreign Service officer at the time he is retired in accord- ance with the provisions of law governing retirement in the position that he occupies, shall be entitled to an annuity computed as pre- scribed in section 821. (b) Any person who is a participant in accordance with the pro- visions of section 803 (a) (3) shall be entitled to voluntary retirement to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as a Foreign Service officer. PArT E-DISrOrr N OF CONTRIBUTIONS AND INTERaET IN EXCESS O BE-ErTS REaEsvED SEC. 841. (a) Whenever a participant becomes separated from the Service without becoming eligible for an annuity or a deferred annuity in accordance with the provisions of this Act, the total amount of contributions from his salary with interest thereon at 4 per centum per annum, compounded annually up to the date of such separation, except as provided in section 881, shall be returned to him. (b) In the event that the total contributions of a retired partici- pant, other than voluntary contributions made in accordance with the provisions of section 881, with interest compounded annually at 4 1022 [60 STAT.