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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 957-AUG. 13 , 1946 Cost-of-living allow- ances. Representation of U.S. Report to Congress. and electricity, including allowances for the cost of lodging at temporary quarters, incurred by an officer or employee of the Service and the members of his family upon first arrival at a new post, for a period not in excess of three months after such first arrival or until the occupation of residence quarters, whichever period shall be shorter, up to but not in excess of the aggregate amount of the per diem that would be allowable to such officer or employee for himself and the members of his family for such period if they were in travel status; (2) cost-of-living allowances, whenever the Secretary shall determine- (i) that the cost of living at a post abroad is proportion- ately so high that an allowance is necessary to enable an officer or employee of the Service at such post to carry on his work efficiently; (ii) that extraordinary and necessary expenses, not other- wise compensated for, are incurred by an officer or employee of the Service incident to the establishment of his residence at his post of assignment; (iii) that an allowance is necessary to assist an officer or employee of the Service who is compelled by reason of dan- gerous, notably unhealthful, or excessively adverse living conditions at his post abroad or for the convenience of the Government to meet the additional expense of maintaining his wife and minor children elsewhere than in the country of his assignment; (3) allowances in order to provide for the proper representa- tion of the United States by officers or employees of the Service. ALLOTMENT FOR OFFICIAL RESIDENCE OF CHIEF AMERICAN REPRESENTATIVE SEC. 902. The Secretary may, under such regulations as he may prescribe, make an allotment of funds to any post to defray the unusual expenses incident to the operation and maintenance of an official resi- dence suitable for the chief representative of the United States at that post. ACCOUNTING FOR ALLOWANCES SEC. 903 . All such allowances and allotments shall be accounted for to the Secretary in such manner and under such rules and regulations as the President may prescribe. The Secretary shall report all such expenditures annually to the Congress with the budget estimates of the Department. PART B-TRAVEL AND RELATED EXPENBES GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 911. The Secretary may, under such regulations as he shall prescribe, pay- Travel expenses. (1) the travel expenses of officers and employees of the Service, including expenses incurred while traveling pursuant to orders issued by the Secretary in accordance with the provisions of Pot, p. 1028 section 933 with regard to the granting of home leave; (2) the travel expenses of the members of the family of an officer or employee of the Service when proceeding to or returning from his post of duty; accompanying him on authorized home leave; or otherwise traveling in accordance with authority granted pursuant to the terms of this or any other Act; 1026 [60 STAT.