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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 957-AUG. 13 , 1946 ACoptane of gift to U.B. Recommendation for employment. Atk .pI1. 1030 [60 STAT. in accordance with the provisions of section 831, and for the cost of administering inoculations or vaccinations to such officers or employees. TITLE X-MISCELLANEOUS PART A-PROHIBITIONS AGAINST INIFOR[MS SEC. 1001. An officer or employee of the Service holding a position of responsibility in the Service shall not wear any uniform except such as may be authorized by law or such as a military commander may require civilians to wear in a theater of military operations. AGAINST ACCEPTING PRESENTS SEC. 1002. An officer or employee of the Service shall not ask or, without the consent of the Congress, receive, for himself or any other person, any present, emolument, pecuniary favor, office, or title from any foreign government. A chief of mission or other principal offi- cer may, however, under such regulations as the President may pre- scribe, accept gifts made to the United States or to any political subdivision thereof by the government to which he is accredited or from which he holds an exequatur. AGAINST ENGAGING IN BUSINESS ABROAD SEC. 1003. An officer or employee of the Service shall not, while holding office, transact or be interested in any business or engage for profit in any profession in the country or countries to which he is assigned abroad in his own name or in the name or through the agency of any other person, except as authorized by the Secretary. AGAINST COBRESPONDENCE ON AFFAIRS OF FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS SEO. 1004. (a) An officer or employee of the Service shall not cor- respond in regard to the public affairs of any foreign government except with the proper officers of the United States, except as authorized by the Secretary. (b) An officer or employee of the Service shall not recommend any person for employment in any position of trust or profit under the government of the country to which he is detailed or assigned, except as authorized by the Secretary. AGAINST POIUTICAL, RAOIAI 0, BEIGIOUS, OR COLOR DISCRIMINATION SBo. 1005. In carrying out the provisions of this Act, no political test shall be required and none shall be taken into consideration, nor shall there be any discrimination against any person on account of race, creed, or color. PART B-BONDS SEC. 1011. Every secretary, consul general, consul, vice consul, Foreign Service officer, and Foreign Service Reserve officer, and, if required, any other officer or employee of the Service or of the Department before he enters upon the duties of his office shall give to the United States a bond in such form and in such penal sum as the Secretary shall prescribe, with such sureties as the Secretary shall approve, conditioned without division of penalty for the true and faithful performance of his duties, including (but not by way of limitation) certifying vouchers for payment, accounting for, pay- ing over, and delivering up of all fees, moneys, goods, effects, books, records, papers, and other property that shall come to his hands or to the hands of any other person to his use as such officer or employee