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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 964-AUG. 14, 1946 crants, etc., of pub- '(c) Public facilities, such as electric light, water and sewage sys- tems, buildings and lands for schools and churches, and land for pub- lic roads, streets, and alleys, may be granted or dedicated to public or semipublic institutions or granted to public or private organizations where (1) such facilities or lands cannot be sold at reasonable prices, (2) similar facilities or land are not available at reasonable rates and terms to the inhabitants of the particular area and (3) the recipients of such facilities will agree to operate and maintain them and shall relieve the Government of all responsibility in connection therewith. In making grants or dedications of such facilities, the Secretary shall give due consideration to all applications for such grants or dedica- tions and shall award the facilities to the organization or institution found by the Secretary to be most capable of maintaining and operat- ing such properties. In all sales, grants, or dedications of such facili- ties, the Secretary shall take reasonable precautions to provide that they will not be used in competition with companies or organizations in the area furnishing adequate services to the inhabitants upon rea- sonable rates and terms. plositiorelndperson "(d) Real and personal property comprising such projects which is property. not determined by the Secretary to be suitable for sale as family-size farms as provided in (b) hereof, or which is not granted or dedicated as provided in (c) hereof, shall, within eighteen months after the effective date of the Farmers' Home Administration Act of 1946, either be transferred by the Secretary to appropriate agencies of the United States for disposition as surplus property of the United States or be sold by the Secretary at public or private sale to any individual or cor- poration at the best price obtainable, after public notice, for cash or on secured credit, without regard to the laws governing the disposition of surplus real or personal property of the United States: Provided, sales on credit. however, That in the case of all sales on credit under this subparagraph (d) the Secretary shall obtain an initial cash payment of at least 20 per centum of the sales price and the remainder shall be paid in equal annual installments within a term not in excess of five years: Provided further, That whenever it is found by the Secretary that it is not practicable to dispose of lands reserved for sale pursuant to subpara- 50 Stat. 522-. graph (b) hereof under the provisions of title I of this Act, such lands 7U.S.C.§§1o0e- - 1006; Supp. v, J lo01 may be sold by the Secretary under the authority of this subparagraph Post p. 1072. (d). he.l c ofyf l; rt es "(e) The Secretary shall cause the defense relocation corporations, locatiou corlpruatius, land-leasing and land-purchasing associations, and other similar cor- etc. porations or associations to sell properties to which they hold title in accordance with the limitations and procedures prescribed in this section. Applicability to la- "(f) The provisions of this section shall apply to all labor supply etc. centers, labor homes, labor camps, and facilities upon their transfer to the Secretary as provided in section 2 (d) of this Act. "SPECIAL CONDITIONS AND LIMITATIONS ON LOANS "SEC. 44. The Secretary, under this Act- "(a) Shall make no loan- "(1) to any corporation or cooperative association; "(2) unless the appropriate county committee certifies in writ- ing that the applicant is eligible to obtain such loan and that, in the opinion of such committee, he will honestly endeavor to carry out undertakings and obligations required of him under a loan which may be made by the Secretary; "(3) to any person, unless the applicant represents in writing, and it is administratively determined by the Secretary, after a certification to such effect by the appropriate county committee, 1068 [60 STAT.