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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG., 2D SESS.-CH. 966-AUG. 14, 1946 be necessary to carry out effectively the purposes of this title, the rec- ords, property, personnel, and funds of such agencies, divisions, bureaus, services, sections, or other administrative units in the Depart- ment of Agriculture affected thereby are authorized to be transferred to and used by such administrative agency to which the transfer may be made, but such unexpended balances of appropriations so trans- ferred shall be used only for the purposes for which such appropria- tions were made. SEC. 207. When used in this title, the term "agricultural products" includes agricultural, horticultural, viticultural, and dairy products, livestock and poultry, bees, forest products, fish and shellfish, and any products thereof, including processed and manufactured products, and any and all products raised or produced on farms and any processed or manufactured product thereof. SEC. 208. The Secretary of Agriculture shall have the power to appoint, remove, and fix, in accordance with existing law, the com- pensation of such officers and employees, and to make such expendi- tures as he deems necessary, including expenditures for rent outside the District of Columbia, travel, supplies, books, equipment, and such other expenditures as may be necessary to the administration of this title: Provided,That the Secretary of Agriculture may appoint and fix the compensation of any technically qualified person, firm, or organization by contract or otherwise on a temporary basis and for a term not to exceed six months in any fiscal year to perform research, inspection, classification, technical, or other special services, without regard to the civil-service laws or the Classification Act of 1923, as amended. TITLE III SEC. 301. In order to aid in implementing the research and service work authorized under titles I and II of this Act, and to assist in obtaining the fullest cooperation among Federal and State agencies, producers, farm organizations, and private industry, in the develop- ment of and in effectuating such research and service programs, and in order to secure the greatest benefit from the expenditure of funds, the Secretary of Agriculture shall establish a national advisory com- mittee. The functions of such advisory committee shall be to consult with the Secretary of Agriculture and other appropriate officials of the Department of Agriculture, to make recommendations relative to research and service work authorized by this Act, and to assist in obtaining the cooperation of producers, farm organizations, indus- try groups, and Federal and State agencies in the furtherance of such research and service programs. The chairman of the committee shall be the Secretary of Agriculture or such other official of the Department of Agriculture as he shall designate. The committee shall consist of eleven members, six of whom shall be representatives of producers or their organizations. The committee shall meet at least once each quarter and at such other times as are deemed neces- sary. Members of the committee may not appoint alternates to serve in their stead. Committee members other than the chairman shall not be deemed to be employees of the United States and are not entitled to compensation, but the Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to allow their traveling and subsistence expenses necessary in connection with their attendance at meetings called by him for the purposes of this section. SEc. 302. In the furtherance of the research and service work authorized by this Act, the Secretary of Agriculture may, in addi- tion to the national advisory committee, establish appropriate com- mittees, including representatives of producers, industry, govern- ment, and science, to assist in effectuating specific research and service programs. Approved August 14, 1946. 1091 "Agrimultural prod- ucts." Powers of Secretary Temporary servloes 42 Stat. 1488 . 5 U.S. O. SAB1-674; Supp. V, i 661 ef eq. Ante, pp. 216, 219. National advisory committee. Function Composition. Meetings. CompenmatIo Committees to - stla in specific ro grams.