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INDEX Bear River and Tributaries, interstate compact for division of waters, con- sent of Congress -------------- Beaufort, S. C ., boat basin, Intracoastal Waterway, examination and survey authorized ------------------ Becker Memorial, Springerville, Ariz., authorization for erection---------- Beightler, Robert Sprague, appointment as permanent brigadier general, Reg- ular Army, authorized------------ Belle Vernon, Borough of, Pa., bridge au- thorized across Monongahela River-- Belton Reservoir, Leon River, Tex., flood- protection project authorized.- ---- - Beltsville Research Center, Md. See Agri- cultural Research Center, Beltsville, Md. Benedict, Md., deepwater channel, etc., examination and survey authorized - Benicia Arsenal, Calif., exchange of lands authorized---------------------- Benton, Ill., clerk of U. S. District Court, restriction on use of funds for main- taining office of------------------ Betterton, Md., examination and survey of harbor authorized--------------- Big Bay Ditch and Tributary Area, Ark., examination and survey authorized-- Big Black River, Miss., examination and survey of Bear Creek authorized---- Big Creek and Tributaries, Ark., examina- tion and survey authorized -------- Big Sandy River, Tug Fork, bridge author- ized across, at or near Williamson, W. Va ----------------------------- Big Sioux River, improvement authorized- Big South Fork River and Tributaries, Tenn., examination and survey au- thorized-------------------------- Big Sunflower River, flood-protection project authorized ---------------- Bill of Rights Day, issuance of proclama- tion authorized------------------ Binding Twine, Philippine, quota on --- Biographical Congressional Directory, ap- propriation for compilation and prep- aration-------------------------- Biological Investigations, appropriation for ---------------------------- Birds: Appropriation for- Bald eagle, protection of----------- Migratory Bird Treaty Act, enforce- ment of-------------------- Migratory birds- Conservation Fund-------------- Protection of.-- -------- ------ Page 658 639 708 936 270 649 639 256 478 639 651 651 652 883 636 651 645 229 145 912 38C 38C 38C 381 38C Rs-rvatiinsna maintenance of----- 194. 38C Bituminous Coal Act of 1937, Government employees separated from service on expiration of, lump-sum payments for annual leave; appropriation author- ized ____________________________ Black Bass Act, appropriation for enforce- ment ---------------------------- Black River, Port Huron, Mich., examina- tion and survey authorized -_ _ __ _ __ _ Blackfeet Indian Reservation, irrigation systems, appropriation for increased pay costs----------------------- Blackfeet Indians, Mont., appropriation for administration of tribal affairs--- Blackfish Bayou and Tributaries, Ark., examination and survey authorized - XIX Page 380 640 359 652 Blind: American Printing House for the, ap- propriation for ------------------ 687 Books for adult, appropriation for----- 404 Additional appropriation authorized_ 908 Columbia Polytechnic Institute for the, appropriation for---------------- 513 Federal buildings, operation of vending stands, transfer of functions to Federal Security Administrator---. 1096 Grants to States for aid to- Appropriation for--- ------- 82, 263, 694 Computation ----------------- - 992 National Library for, appropriation for_ 513 Services for, appropriation for increased pay costs--------------------- 106 Blind Pass, Pinellas County, Fla., exami- nation and survey authorized ------ 640 Blue Ridge Parkway, appropriation for__ 377 Boca Raton Inlet, Fla., examination and survey authorized----------------- 640 Boeuf River, flood-protection project authorized------------------------ 64 Bogue Phalia, flood-protection project authorized------------------------ 645 Boise Project, Idaho: Anderson Ranch Reservoir, purchase of improvements or payment of dam- ages for removal of improvements, authorization for---------------- 313 Construction, appropriation for---- 365, 619 Operation and maintenance, appropria- tion for------------------------ 365 Pay costs, increased, appropriation for- 111 Boise Reclamation Project, Idaho, Ander- son Ranch Reservoir, purchase of im- provements or payment of damages for removal of improvements, author- ization for------------------------ 313 Boise River, Idaho, flood-protection proj- ect for Lucky Peak Reservoir author- ized; limitation------------------- 6 50 80634 -47 -PT . I- --71