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INDEX Civilian Production Administration-Con. War Production Board. See separate title. Civilian War Assistance Program, appro- priation for continuing__ ..- _- -- ___ Civilian War Benefits Program, appro- priation for continuing ----------. - Page 696 696 Claims: Alien Property Custodian- Debt claims. See Trading With the Enemy Act. Return of property by, restriction on claims against United States- - 52 American Mexican Claims Commission, appropriation for --------------- 455 Audited claims, appropriation for pay- ment of------------- 202, 616, 630,918 Checks or warrants, U. S ., altered, etc., claims with respect to, time limi- tation; time extension in case of fraudulent concealment of facts-- _ 31 Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, Flathead Reservation, Mont., jurisdiction of Court------ 715 Crow irrigation project system, desig- nated claims, etc., cancellation -- 337 Damage claims. See separate title. District of Columbia, settlement of claims, appropriation for; limita- tion on attorney's, etc., fees ------ 616 Emergency Management, Office for, authority respecting adjustment, etc., of certain claims against United States----------------- 608 Farm Tenant Act, provisions respecting adjustment of claims------------- 1065 Federal Security Agency, appeal board for claims of Government em- ployees, appointment or designa- tion--------------------------- 1095 Fort Berthold Reservation, N. Dak., Indians of, appropriation author- ized ------------------------- 333 Appropriation for----------------- 359 Indian Claims Commission. See sep- arate title. Overtime, etc., compensation, Govern- ment employees, method of pay- ment, etc.; appropriation author- ized-------------------------- 747 Appropriation for --- ----------- 913 Personal property losses- Marine Corps personnel and former Marine Corps personnel, certain, reimbursement-------------_ 118, 235 Naval Establishment, certain naval and civilian personnel, reim- hnrse-mPnt -------------- 1f Claims-Continued. rage Personal property losses-Continued. Navy personnel and former Navy personnel, certain, reimburse- ment--------------- 87, 118, 121,235 Tort Claims Act, Federal. See separate title. Treasury Department, appropriation for --------------------------- 571 Ute Indians, claims against United States, attorneys' fees------------ 255 Vessels, war-built, transfer in settle- ment of------------------------ 46 War contracts, losses under, settlement authorized -------------------- 902 Appropriations authorized---_ _- -- -- 903 Appropriations available ----------- 903 Court determination, petition for --- 902 Report to Congress---------------- 903 War Department, Finance Department, reduction in appropriations------- 625 Claims, Court of. See under United States Courts. Claims Act, Federal Tort. See Tort Claims Act, Federal. Claims Act of 1945, Military Personnel: Amendment, settlement of damage claims, increase in limitation- -.- 332 Appropriation for payment of claims under----------------------- - 546 Claims Commission, American Mexican, appropriation for------------------ 455 Claims Commission, Indian. See Indian Claims Commission. Clarendon, Ark., flood-protection project authorized------------------------ 646 Classification Act of 1923: Amendments respecting pay rates--- 216, 219 Foreign Service officers and employees, exemption from application------ 1006 Clear Creek, Ill., examination and survey authorized------------------------ 652 Clearwater Reservoir, Mo., school facili- ties for dependents of persons engaged on construction, provision author- ized --------------------------- 643 Clerks of Courts: Pay costs, increased, appropriation for 104 Restriction on use of funds for maintain- ing offices at designated places --- 478 Salaries, appropriation for ----------- 477 Cleveland, Ohio, Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory: Construction, appropriation for, limita- tion on availability of funds------ 72 Construction and equipment, funds con- tinued available----------------- 613 Equipment, maintenance, etc., appro- nriation for- -------------------- 72 XXVII r----- .....---.-------------------- Vv