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INDEX Commerce, Department of-Continued. Page Printing and binding, appropriation for -------------------------- 189,465 Civil Aeronautics, Office of Adminis- trator of, transfer of funds from----------------- 466,467,468 Reduction in designated appropriation_ 10 Reports, discontinuance of certain---- 866 Salaries, appropriation for ----------- 465 Seamen, transfer to Coast Guard of designated functions respecting- - 1097 Secretary, Office of- Appropriation for----------- 108, 189, 465 Reduction in designated appropria- tion-------------

- 10 Standards, National Bureau of- Appropriation for--------------- 109, 472 Betatron and auxiliary equipment, appropriation for purchase and installation------------------ 473 Census, Bureau of, transfer of funds from------------------------- 618 Commercial Standards, Division of, transfer of functions to Secretary of Commerce----------------- 1101 Public Health Service officers detailed to, funds available for expenses- 472 Scientific investigations- Engraving and Printing, Bureau of, transfer of funds------------ 575 Government agencies, transfer of funds---------------------- 473 Secretary, Office of, transfer of funds from----------------- 465 Scientists, etc., employment on inter- mittent basis, funds available for- 473 Simplified Trade and Practices, Divi- sion of, transfer of functions to Secretary of Commerce ------- 1101 Strategic and Critical Materials Stock Piling Act. See separate title. Strikes against U. S . Government, re- striction on employment of persons engaging, etc., in--------------- 480 Technical and scientific services, ap- propriation for---------------- 465 Travel expenses- Delegation of authority to authorize payment of ---------------- 191,475 Appropriations available; increase in limitation---------------- 191 Vessels, transfer to Coast Guard and Bureau of Customs of designated functions respecting -- .- - - - - - -- - 1097 Vital statistics, functions with respect to, transfer to Federal Security Agency--------------------- . 1095 Warrior River Terminal Company. See separatetit. Commerce, Department of-Continued. Weather Bureau- Airplane, transfer from War or Navy Department----- ---- Page 474 Alaska- Distressed persons in remote locali- ties, appropriation for relief__ 475 Medical services for employees in- 475 Meteorological observations, com- pensation to Government em- ployees for taking and trans- mitting -------------------- 475 Subsistence supplies for resale; re- port to Congress ----------- 475 Travel expenses of appointees---- 475 Appropriation for------------ 84, 191, 474 Arctic meteorological reporting sta- tions- Appropriation for; restrictions --- 474 Establishment ------------------ 4 Surplus materials, transfer from- Navy Department ------------ 474 War Department----------- 191, 474 Atlantic City, N. J., exception of building from conveyance------ 976 Meteorology- Air navigation, cooperation in me- teorological services with per- sons engaged in------------- 945 Details of personnel for training in advanced methods----------- 945 Facilities, appropriation for main- tenance and operation ------- 475 Offices and stations for studies, establishment of; furnishing of reports and forecasts -------- 945 Reporting network, international, participation in development- 945 Research projects, support, etc., of- 945 Philippines, establishment of mete- orological facilities authorized; instruction of Filipino trainees-- 138 Contributions of labor, materials, etc., from Government of Philippines, acceptance author- ized----------------------- 139 Qualification of Filipino trainees, standards for--------------- 139 Printing by, restriction------------ 474 Salaries and expenses- Increased pay costs, appropriation for---------------------- 84 Restriction on incurrence of defi- ciencies; exception---------- 10 Soundings, upper air, transfer of equipment and supplies from War and Navy Departments--- 474 Commerce, Secretary of. See Commerce, Department of. XXXIII