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,rllna ro- c uomm sson nter Pna- RA -- -. - Pa..e Crimes ana Misaemeanors--ontinuea. --- Park Ridge, Borough of, Park Ridge, N. J., acceptance of excessive fee for services in connection with settle- ment of damage claim ---------- 125 Personal property losses, certain serv- ices in connection with reimburse- ment for, acceptance of excessive fee--------------- 87, 119, 121, 181, 236 Philippine war damage claims- False statements, overvaluation of property, etc., penalty--------- 132 Services in connection with, penalty for violation of remuneration limitation-------------------- 132 Prostitution, prohibition of, near mili- tary and naval establishments, pro- visions made permanent --------- 182 Reconversion unemployment benefits for seamen, penalties for false state- ments, fraudulent receipts, or fail- ure, etc., to furnish information--- 985 San Diego, Tex., payment of claims for city property destruction, violation of provisions; penalty ------------ 235 San Francisco, Calif., settlement of dam- age claim, acceptance of excessive fee by attorney, etc-------------- 873 San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, unauthorized use, etc., of toll ex- emption ----------------------- 348 Strikes against U. S . Government, en- gaging, etc., in by Government employees-------- 269, 297, 408, 480, 497, 523, 564, 586, 596, 631, 700, 918 Exception---------------------- 297, 385 Subcontractors, payment of designated fees, kick-backs, etc., prohibition; penalty for violation------------- 37 Tort Claims Act, Federal, certain suits under, acceptance, etc., of excessive attorneys' fees, penalty ---------- 846 Trade and commerce, interference by violence, threats, etc., penalties--- Trading With the Enemy Act, accept- ance of excessive fees for certain services----------------------- Wildlife conservation, etc., violation of certain rules or regulations respect- ing; penalty ------ _______.__-- Witnesses in criminal proceedings, flight to avoid giving testimony ------- Criminal Code: Nonapplicability of designated sec- tions- Atomic Energy Commission, General Advisory Committee and advi- sory boards------------------ Naval Research Advisory Committee- 42( 54 1082 79( 77: 781 Trlmlnal Police commission, Interna- - - tional, appropriation for membership_ 461 Criminal Proceedings, Rules for, prepara- tion of, appropriation made available- 476 Crippled Children, Services for: Allotments to States, increase in annual appropriation authorized -------- 986 Annual appropriation, increase author- ized -------------------------- 986 Grants to States, appropriation for__ 681, 913 Critical Materials. See Strategic and Critical Materials; Strategic and Crit- ical Materials Stock Piling Act. Crop Insurance Act, Federal, administra- tion, appropriation for increased pay costs --------------------------- Crop Insurance Corporation, Federal. See Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. Crop Production and Harvesting Loans: Appropriation for.... -- -- -- -- -- .. -- - Farmers' Home Administration Act of 1946, funds available for loans un- 108 295 der --------------------------- 1063 Cross-Rock Channel, N. C ., examination and survey authorized ------------- 639 Crow Creek Indian Reservation, S. Dak., appropriation for construction, etc., of buildings and utilities------------ 357 Crow Indian Lands, term of leases------ 308 Crow Indian Reservation, Mont.: Irrigation project, adjustments in con- nection with-------------------- 333 Irrigation systems, appropriation for_ 110, 192 Utilities, improvements to, appropria- tion for------------------------ 357 Cuba: Monuments, etc., to American soldiers, appropriation for maintenance --- Sugar, limitation on subsidy payment for---------------------------- Cultural Relations, Inter-American, Con- vention for Promotion of, appropria- tion for expenses under------------ Cultural Surveys, Department of Agricul- ture, restriction on use of funds---- Cumberland and West Cumberland, Md., flood-protection project authorized- _ Cumberland River, bridge authorized across, at or near Burkesville, Ky - - Cumberland River and Tributaries, im- provement authorized-------------- Custer Battlefield National Monument: Appropriations authorized for perform- ance of designated functions and activities----------------------- Designation of Custer Battlefield Na- tional Cemetery as ------------- Custer Recreational Demonstration Area, conveyance to Harney National For- est and State of South Dakota------ 160 672 457 274 644 893 636 885 59 971 INDEX XXXIX .ww