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District of Columbia-Continued. Page Indeterminate Sentence and Parole, Board of, appropriation for --- 114, 503 Industrial Home School, appropriation District of Columbia-Continued. Page Food-conservation program, appropria- tion for ---------------------- 513 Freedmen's Hospital. See under Fed- eral Security Agency. Gallinger Municipal Hospital- Appropriation for------_- -- 115, 188, 511 Clinical services, drugs, etc., furnish- ing to persons not indigent, re- striction on use of funds-------- 511 Nonresident insane, appropriation for deportation of---------------- 515 Garage, central, appropriation for-_ - 115, 516 General fund, sums appropriated from_ 501 Glenn Dale Tuberculosis Sanatorium, appropriation for------------- 115, 511 Grade-crossing elimination, appropria- tion for------------------------ 517 Hale, Nathan, erection of statue au- thorized; time limitation--------- 937 Health Department- Administration, etc., appropriation for------------ ---------- 115, 510 Adulteration of drugs and food, special services for detecting of, appropriation for-------------- 511 Hospitals and sanatoria, appropria- tion for-------------------- 188, 511 Medical charities, appropriation for_ 511 Vital Statistics, Bureau of, duties in connection with adoption pro- ceedings---------------------- 314 Volunteer services, acceptance of---- 511 Heating plant, west central- Appropriation for----------------- 611 Increase in cost limitation --------- 257 Highway Department, restriction on operation of testing laboratory; disposal of equipment of existing laboratory---------------------- 616 Highway fund- Appropriations payable from-------- 115, 503, 516, 517, 518, 519 Erroneous collections, refunding of - 519 Reimbursement of other appropria- tions ------------------------ 518 Sums appropriated from------------ 502 Highways, appropriation for-------- 516, 517 Hospital center, establishment- Appropriation authorized ---------- 897 Conveyances by participating hos- pitals------------------------ 896 Expenditures, charge against D. C -_ 897 Lands, acquisition of, etc ---------- 896 Leases with private agencies-------- 896 House of Mercy, appropriation for --- 513 Howard University. See under Federal Security Agency. Incorporated societies, trustees, quorum, vote by proxy, etc-------------- 882 for----------------------------- Industrial Home School for Colored Children, appropriation for---- Insane persons- Indigent, appropriation for support 513 513 of

514 Nonresident, appropriation for de- portation of ------------------ 515 Inspections, Department of, appropria- tion for--------------------- 115, 515 Insurance, Department of, appropria- tion for--------------------- 114, 503 Jail, appropriation for --- ----------- 514 Judgments, appropriation for payment of----------------------------- 616 Judicial expenses, appropriation for--- 502 Jury commissioners- Compensation ------------------- 478 Reappointment, limitation on eligi- bility------------------------ 931 Land, certain, disposal by Federal Works Agency, authorized ------------- 259 License bureau, appropriation for----- 504 Marshal, U. S ., division of expenditures for office of ------------------ - 464 Meetings, appropriations available for payment of expenses of attendance- 523 Mental Health, Commission on, appro- priation for -------------------- 510 Merchant marine, employees serving in, compensation for accrued leave -- 907 Metropolitan Police- Appropriation for--------------- 114, 508 Basic salaries of designated members_ 261 Capitol buildings and grounds, au- thorization for arrests in------- 719 Detail of members for duty on Capitol Grounds; status--------------- 399 Pay increases -------------------- 480 Veterans of World War II, certain, benefits for those losing oppor- tunity of probational appoint- ments------------------------ 749 Milk, etc., definition of pasteurized --- 936 Milk program for school children------ 513 Minimum Wage and Industrial Safety Board, appropriation for------ 114, 504 Municipal Architect, Office of- Appropriation for--------------- 115, 515 Credit of funds to---------------- 506 Public schools, transfer of funds for preparation of plans and specifi- cations------------------- 505, 506 Municipal buildings, use of appropria- tion for school buildings, etc., for repairs to; report to Congress ----- 505 INDEX XLVII