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INDEX Government Employees-Continued. Retirement-Continued. Heads of departments, independent establishments and corporations in executive branch of the Gov- ernment, inclusion within pur- view of Civil Service Retirement Act ------------------------- Referees in bankruptcy and employ- ees, inclusion in judicial branch-_ Senate Committee on Appropriations, status of employees drawn from executive departments and agen- cies ---------------------- Senate disapproval of nomination, re- striction on payment to person after-------- ---------------- State, Department of, emergency com- missary or mess services abroad, availability -------------------- Transportation of things, funds avail- able for, availability for transpor- tation of household goods and effects----------------------- Travel expenses, funds available for, availability for transportation of families ----------------------- Travel provisions- Accommodations, limitation on al- lowances for -------------- Page 659 328 392 81 1027 807 807 808 Consultants, experts, etc ---------- 79, 808 Dollar-a -year men, etc------------ 79 Effective date of certain provisions of law respecting ---------------- 812 Expenses on change of official sta- tion ----------------------- 78, 186 Household goods and effects, transfer- 186 Living and quarters allowances, per- sonnel stationed abroad-------- 81 Meetings, attendance at, appropria- tions available ---------------- 78 New appointees, families, household goods, etc.; restriction--------- 808 Per diem allowances in lieu of sub- sistence expenses ------------- _ 79, 80 Reimbursement on commuted basis _ 807 Transfer from one official station to another, payment of expenses of employee, family, personal ef- fects, etc -------------------- 806 Advances -----------. .------- _ 807 Restrictions ------------------- 807 Transportation of things, appropria- tions available -------------- _ 78 Travel expenses, funds available for payment of per diem allowances- 808 United States ships, travel on, suspen- sion of requirement ------- _--- 80 Government Employees-Continued. Page Veterans- Decentralization allowances, appro- priation for------------------- 612 Restoration to former positions --- 78 World War II, certain, benefits for those losing opportunity of pro- bational appointments ------ _-- 749 War Department, civilian employees, claims for damage, etc., by, in- crease in limitation---- --------- 332 War workers, District of Columbia, authorization for services to ----- 169 Appropriation authorized---- _ - - - - - 169 Appropriation for ---------------- 509 Witnesses on behalf of United States, travel expenses ----------------- 460 Government Printing Office: Agriculture, Yearbook of, restriction on use of funds for _--_--------_ 406 Appropriation for ----------------- 405, 603 Availability of items for liquidation of obligations-- ------------------ 603 Congressional work, estimate of cost to be included in recommendation- 406 Departmental work, payment for-- - -- 406 Depository libraries, restriction on sup- plying matter not requested ----- 407 Detail of employees, restriction------- 406 Expenditures without reference to pub- lic contract requirements--------- 407 Federal Register. See separate title. Heat furnished by Capitol Power Plant, reimbursement------------ 401 Penalty mail costs, appropriation for-_ 407 Printing and binding, appropriation for- 406 Increase in limitation -------------- 603 Superintendent of Documents, Office of- Appropriation for----------------- 407 Sales, annual report to Public Printer, discontinuance ---------------- 871 Working capital, return of portion as unexpended balance------------- 406 Grain Standards Act, appropriation to ef- fect provisions of --------------- 108, 291 Grains, maximum price, etc., limitations- 667 Grand Army of the Republic, attendance of Marine Band at national encamp- ment, appropriation for expenses---- 195 Grand Calumet River, improvement au- thorized-------------------------- 636 Grand Junction, Colo., ctlrk of U. S. Dis- trict Court, restriction on use of funds for maintaining office of------------ 478 Grand River Dam Authority, settlement of accounts; return of project to Au- thoritv __---------------------- 743 LXXIII

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