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LXXXVII Interior, Department of the-Continued. Page Indian Affairs, Bureau of-Continued. Travel expenses, availability of funds for-------------------------- 363 Tribal affairs, appropriation for ad- ministration of------------

359 Tribal councils, etc., travel and other expenses, appropriation for---- 360 Tribal enterprises, funds available for establishment of---------- 362 Tribal funds, miscellaneous, ap- propriation for --------------- 359 Ute Indians, claims against United States, attorneys' fees--------- 255 Vehicles, appropriations available --- 362 Veterans, educational facilities for, transfer of structures, etc., au- thorized-------------------- 958 Appropriation authorized--------- 959 Funds available ---------------- 959 Welfare, appropriation for---------- 354 Indian Claims Commission. See sepa- rate title. Indian lands- Health and educational conditions, etc., inspection of; limitation-- 962 Washington, leasing in------------- 962 Indians. See separate title. Irrigation and drainage, pay costs, in- creased, appropriation for---- 109,110 Irrigation projects, report on cost ac- count of moneys expended, dis- continuance ------------------- 867 Irrigation works, report on examina- tions and surveys, discontinuance- 867 Jackson Hole National Monument, re- striction on use of funds in con- nection with-------------------- 386 Judgments, appropriation for--------- 202 Keetoowah Indians, Cherokee Nation, Okla., status------------------- 97( Kings Canyon National Park- Authority of commissioner of Sequoia National Park with respect to-- 11i Restriction on use of funds for road construction------------------- 37 Land Management, Bureau of- Administration, appointment and duties of personnel, etc-------- 110( Consolidation of General Land Office and Grazing Service in formation of_--------------- - -- _---- Lands, public. See Public Lands. Lawton, Okla.- Fish hatchery property, conveyance to ----------------------- .- - Indian lands, certain, sale to city---- Lewiston Orchards project, Idaho, au- thorisation for construction, etc.; 1104 5' 351 annronriation authorized------ 717 711 nterior, Department of the-Continued. Library membership, funds available for dues----------------------- Meetings, funds available for attend- ance at -------------------- Middle Rio Grande Conservancy Dis- 386 trict, contracts for payment of designated charges, time extension of authority of Secretary of In- terior------------------------- 121 Miles City, Mont., conveyance for in- dustrial and recreational purposes- 946 Mineral deposits in certain lands, functions relating to, transfer from Department of Agriculture; limita- tion on mineral development---- 1099 Mineral Lands Leasing Act, Amend- ments. See separate title. Mines, Bureau of- Alumina, production of, reduction in appropriation----------------- 11 Anthracite Research Laboratory, ap- propriation for construction and equipment------------------- 372 Appropriation for--------------- 111, 371 Bauxite and alunite ores and alumi- num clay deposits, reduction in appropriation----------------- 11 Critical and essential materials, in- vestigation of deposits, reduction in appropriation-------------- 11 Federal Explosives Act, enforcement, reduction in appropriation ----- 11 Field employees, report of temporary details to District of Columbia, discontinuance---------------- 867 Fuel testing, recommendations to Government departments and agencies ---------------------- 372 Helium. See separate title. Losses incident to production of certain minerals for war activi- ties, adjustment, liquidation and payment, discontinuance of re- port to Congress------------- 867 Magnesium pilot plants and research, reduction in appropriation------ 11 Manganese beneficiation pilot plants and research, reduction in ap- propriation------------------- 11 Mineral resources, investigations with respect to stock piling of strategic and critical materials---------- 599 Ores of metals and minerals, transfer of records respecting-------- 1057 Personal services in District of Columbia, increase in limitation- 10 Pilot olants, sale of products of -- - 875 INDEX r Pro r --- - E - - - - --- .- ,.,.-