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INDEX Labor, Department of-Continued. Page United States Employment Service- Continued. Salary restrictions------------ .-- 683, 684 Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, placement functions under, transfer to ------------------- 1101 Transfer of funds authorized------- 683 Wage and Hour Division- Appropriation for--------------- 112, 686 Transfer of funds------------------ Wage Stabilization Board, National- Appropriation for ---------------- Consultants, part-time; dollar-a-year men, etc., applicability of certain provisions respecting travel ---- Delegation of authority by Chairman_ Leave, sick and annual, persons on per diem when-actually-employed basis, restriction -- ___---- Oaths, etc., administration of------- War manpower functions, pay costs, increased, appropriation for ------ Women's Bureau, appropriation for-_ 112, Labor, Secretary of. See Labor, Depart- ment of. Labor and Public Welfare, Senate Com- mittee on, functions, etc------ Labor Board. See National Labor Rela- tions Board; National War Labor Board. Labor Disputes: Agreements between management and labor, notice requirement---- Appropriation for National Labor Rela- tions Board in connection with.-- - Labor-Federal Security Appropriation Act, 1947 - ---- --. ... ..- .. --

-- Labor Organization, International, appro- priation for contribution ----- .--- Labor Relations Board, National. See National Labor Relations Board. Labor Standards, Division of. See under Labor, Department of. Labor Statistics, Bureau of. See under Labor, Department of. Lake Charles, La.: Bridge across Calcasieu River, time extension for construction

Deep Water Channel, improvement authorized----_ ____ __ Lake DePue, Bureau County, HI., and con- necting channels to Illinois River, examination and survey authorized__ Lake Michigan, near Grand Traverse Bay and Millecoquin River, examination and survey authorized------__ _ __ _ _ Lake of the Woods, Minn., harbor at Springsteel Island, examination and survey authorized--------- .-- --. - 687 682 682 682 682 682 112 686 818 698 698 679 453 660 635 640 640 n.a Lake Okeechobee, Fla.: Page Drainage area, examination and survey authorized --------------


Water table, raising of, examination and survey authorized_ -- - -- -- - -_ _ --_ 640 Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho, Naval Training Station, reduction in appropria- tions---------------------- 15, 225, 626 Lake Pepin, Minn., improvement of Mississippi River authorized-------- 636 Lake Placid, Shore Acres, Anne Arundel County, Md., examination and survey authorized----------------------- 639 Lake Pontchartrain, flood-control project authorized----------- __-- ---- ---- 647 Lake Seneca, N. Y., Naval Training Station, reduction in appropriations_ 15, 626 Lake Superior, shore line, etc., examina- tion and survey authorized ----- _ 640, 652 Lake Taneycomo, Mo., examination and survey authorized----------------- 640 Lake Texoma Recreational Area, Tex. - Okla., appropriation for --------- 376, 377 Lake Vesuvius, Ohio, acquisition by U. S. of certain reserved mineral rights for protection of------ _----- __

924 Lake Winnepesaukee, N. H., mail carrier, compensation --------------------- 659 Lakes Cove, Honga River, Dorchester County, Md., examination and survey authorized------_ - -- -- - -- -- - -- - - 639 Lampasas Valley, Tex., availability of Belton River storage capacity for irrigation purposes ---------------- 649 Lampreys, Sea, Predatory, in Great Lakes, investigation and eradication; appro- priation for -------------------- 930, 931 Land Bank Commissioner Loans, on behalf of Federal Farm Mortgage Corpora- tion, amendment of Emergency Farm Mortgage Act of 1933------------- 682 Land Management, Bureau of. See under Interior, Department of the. Land Office, General. See General Land Office under Interior, Department of the. Land Utilization and Retirement of Sub- marginal Land, appropriation for__ 108, 287 Lander, Wyo., clerk of U. S . District Court, restriction on use of funds for maintaining office of--------------- 478 Landing Areas for Aircraft, appropriation for development, etc., limitation on number of sites------------------- 469 Lands. See Public Lands. Lane County, Oreg., construction of dams, etc., by Port of Siuslaw authorized-- 637 Langley Bridge, designation of bridge over Baltimore and Ohio Railroad tracks, New Hampshire Avenue, D. C., as-- 882 XCVII vzv