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INDEX Montana-Continued. Hungry Horse project, appropriation for--------------------------- Indians- Buildings and utilities, construction, etc., appropriation for--------- Crow Reservation- Irrigation project, adjustment in connection with ------------ Utilities, improvements to, appro- priation for----------------- Flathead Reservation- Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of Indians- Availability of funds ---------- Jurisdiction of Court to hear claims------------------- Construction of certain building, appropriation for----------- Hot Springs health resort, appro- priation for development------- Irrigation projects, appropriation for increased pay costs------------ Irrigation systems, appropriation for- Tribal affairs, appropriation for ad- ministration ----------------- Irrigation projects, appropriation for-- Miles City, conveyance for industrial and recreational purposes--------- Range Livestock Experiment Station, U. S . Department of Agriculture, tract of land in, extension and re- newal of lease to Chicago, Mil- waukee, Saint Paul and Pacific Railroad Company, authorized --- Sun River project, appropriation for - Yellowstone National Park, appropria- tions authorized for performance of designated functions and ac- tivities------------------------ Monterey County Trust and Savings Bank, Salinas, Calif., use of land on Fort Ord Military Reservation -. .-- -- . Montezuma, Ind., bridge authorized across Wabash River at or near--------- Montezuma Well Property, Ariz., acquisi- tion by U. S ., appropriation for --- Montgomery County, Miss., payment of claims for road damages

-- Montrose, Colo., clerk of U. S . District Court, restriction on use of funds for maintaining office of-------.- --- -- - Monuments, National. S" National Monuments. Morocco, appropriation for consular pris- ons, etc -------------------- Page 367 357 333 357 302 715 193 360 109 110, 192 359 357 946 311 36f 885 651 63; 37. 12. 47 4A lorocco, Coast of, Cape Spartel and Tan- Pra gier Light, appropriation for contri- bution ----------------------- 453,620 lortgage Association, Federal National. See Federal National Mortgage Asso- ciation. lortgage Insurance. See Farm Tenant Act; National Housing Act, Amend- ments, under Housing. 4otion-Picture Project, Library of Con- gress, appropriation for---------- 104, 403 4otor Transport Regulation, appropria- tion for increased pay costs --------- 105 Mount Carmel, Ill., examination and sur- vey of Wabash River authorized---- 652 vount Clemens, Mich., flood-protection project authorized ---------------- 649 Mount McKinley National Park, appro- priation for lodges, etc------------- 383 dount Vernon, Ind., bridge authorized across Wabash River near--------- 321 Munitions. See Lend-Lease. Muscat, appropriation for consular pris- ons, etc------------------------- 451 Muskingum River, Ohio, examination and survey authorized----------------- 640 Muskingum River Reservoir, channel rec- tification works, authorized--------- 649 Muskrats, domestic raising, classification- 127 Myrtle Beach, S. C., harbor for light-draft vessels, examination and survey au- thorized-------------------------- 639 N Napa River, improvement authorized---- Narcotic Drugs: Marihuana, millers; tax; registration, etc ------------------------ Opiate, definition; provision for coverage under Federal narcotic laws ----- Narcotic Drugs Import and Export Act, Amendment, opiates-------------- Narcotics, Bureau of. See under Treasury Department. Narcotics Convention of 1931, appropria- tion for implementing------------- Narraguagus River and Tributaries, Maine, examination and survey au- thorized-- --------------------- Natchez Trace Parkway, appropriation for. National Academy of Sciences, appoint- ment of director of geophysical insti- tute, University of Alaska, approval of president required------------- National Advisory Committee for Aero- nautics: Airplane, transfer from Army, au- thorized----------------------- Annronriation for------------------ 636 40 38 453 651 377 751 72 71 ova I I I -- ~r -- - --