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INDEX Navy-Continued. Appropriation Act, 1947- . - -- . -- - - - .. Articles for the Government of, amend- ment, general courts-martial, con- vening authority-------. .. .. ..- - Assistant paymaster, qualifications for appointment------------------- Atomic Energy Commission, Division of Military Application, officer serving as Director--------------------- Attu, Alaska, reimbursement of certain personnel for personal property loss-------------------------- Cherry Point, N. C., reimbursement of certain personnel for personal prop- erty loss----------------------- Chief petty officers, appointment to commissioned grade or rank ----- Computation of service.- --------.. China, details to, compensation, etc--- Chrea, Algiers, reimbursement of cer- tain personnel for personal property Page 481 4 1061 758 235 118 994 995 539 loss--------------------------- 236 Civil Engineers, Corps of, original ap- pointments, grade and rank; repeal of prior provision --------------- 235 Civilian expert aids, use of certain funds for payment, repeal of restriction__ 853 Clothing, issuance to enlisted men on re- turn to U. S. for separation----- 20 Coast Guard. See separate title. Commissioned officers of active list, authorized number -------------- 92 Contingent expenses, additional allow- ances ------------- ----------- 853 Couriers of Department of State, as- signment of personnel as------ 458, 1011 Courts-martial, general, convening au- thority-------------------

4 Damage claims incident to activities of, settlement, increase in limitation-- 332 Deceased personnel, settlement of accounts; payment of funeral expenses------- -------------- 3 Demobilization rate ----------------- 2( Dependents- Hiring of quarters for, restriction- .. 48( Stations outside United States, dele- gation of authority for determin- ing availability of Government transportation----.- -- --- --- -- 127 Transportation of- Payment in lieu of certain; rates__ 121 Payment of costs on commuted basis in certain cases ------ I Transfer, dependents and household effects outside continental U. S ., etc.; payment in lieu-_ 20, 48l Deserters, etc., expenditures for appre- hension authorized------------- 85' Navy-Continued. Page Discharged personnel, travel allowance- 856 Educational courses for officers, restric- tion---------- --------------- 483 Embassies, etc., in foreign countries, enlisted men as custodians --- 450, 1011 Emergencies and extraordinary ex- penses, provision for, authorized--- 853 Enlisted men- Allowances while in hospital, etc.; restriction on accrual in certain cases ----------------------- 858 Commutation in lieu of rations, des- ignated personnel-------------- 858 Ensign, appointment to grade of, au- thority; restriction; computation of service--------------------- 995 Naval Academy, appointment to, service requirement--------- 487, 855 Enlisted strength of active list, author- ized-------------------------- 92 Extension telephones, public quarters of naval personnel to switch- boards of official stations, installa- tion-------------------------- 853 Fleet Admiral of the U. S . Navy, permanent grade, designated ap- pointments authorized; pay, al- lowances, etc------------------ 59 Flight pay, limitation on payment---- 20 Guam. See separatetitle. Harrowbeer Airport, Plymouth, Eng- land, reimbursement of certain personnel for personal property loss -------------------------- 236 Hastings, Nebr., naval ammunition de- pot, reimbursement of certain naval and civilian personnel for loss of personal property-------------- 180 Hawaii, roads and bridges damaged by activities of, appropriation for re- pair, etc., authorized------------ 948 Appropriation for----------------- 914 Hitchcock, Tex., reimbursement of certain personnel for personal prop- erty loss ---------------------- 235 Hospitals, subsisting of personnel in-- 855 Household effects, transportation, etc., on change of station; repeal of prior legislation respecting ------- 860 Household servants, restriction on em- ployment of enlisted men or civil employees as-------------------- 486 Inductees, funds available for expenses- 496 Insane persons, certain, functions with respect to, transfer to Navy De- partment---------------------- 1098 Inspectors of buildings abroad, assign- ment of personnel as-------- 458, 1011 CXIX