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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 142 -APR . 19, 1946 Administration, etc., of oaths. State voting instruc- tions. priate action be taken to have printed and enclosed with absentee ballots mailed in response to applications received on the post cards hereinbefore referred to, a form for the signature and oath or affirmation of the voter; and it is suggested that a form substantially as follows would be appropriate for such purpose: "OATH OF ELECTOR FOR VOTING IN THE --------------------------- ELECTION TO BE HELD ON ----------- _-, 19-- "I do hereby swear (or affirm) that- "(1) I am a citizen of the United States; "(2) The date of my birth was -------- _------------; "(3) For ---------- years preceding this election my home (not military) residence has been ------_________________-------------------- - - --

"(Street and number or rural route) -- --- --- --- --- --- ---- - - -- - - --- --- --- --- --- --- --- - "(City, town, or village) (County)


- - "(State) "(4) I am serving (check appropriate blank)-- "(a) in the armed forces of the United States --------- ( ); "(b) in the merchant marine of the United States --- _ (); "(c) as a civilian outside the United States officially at- tached to and serving with the armed forces of the United States -

( );and "(5) I have not voted and do not intend to vote in this election at any address other than the above; and that I have not received or offered, do not expect to receive, have not paid, offered, or promised to pay, contributed, offered, or promised to contribute to another, to be paid or used, any money or other valuable thing as a compensation or reward for the giving of a vote at this election, and have not made any promise to influence the giving or withholding of any such vote.



"Voter must write his usual signature here and oath must be administered and attested. "Subscribed and sworn to before me this ----------- day of _- - -- - - - - - 19__ .

-- -


"Commissioned or warrant officer, noncom- missioned officer not below the rank of sergeant, or petty officer, or other person authorized to administer and attest this oath, shall write his name here.

---- ---- ---- ---- --- ---- ---- ---- ---

"Officer or other person signing above shall print his rank, rating, or title clearly here. "(b) It is recommended, with respect to oaths required by State law in connection with applying for and voting by State absentee ballot by persons to whom this title is applicable, that the States authorize such oaths to be administered and attested by any com- missioned or warrant officer, noncommissioned officer not below the rank of sergeant, or petty officer, in the armed forces of the United States or any member of the merchant marine of the United States designated for this purpose by the Administrator of the War Ship- ping Administration. "SDE. 206. (a) It is recommended that there be included in State voting instructions for persons to whom this title is applicable an express instruction, if legally permissible under the laws of the State, to the effect that the absentee voter, in marking his ballot, may use pencil, pen, crayon, or any other suitable method for indicating his 98 [60 STAT.