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INDEX cxxv" Navy Department-Continued. Page Surplus property, etc. - Care and handling, appropriations available for; reimbursement; limitation-------------------- 604 Interior, Department of the, transfer of certain to ----------------- 362 Naval equipment, exchange or dis- position, discontinuance of report to Congress ------------------ 868 Restriction on use of funds in con- nection with ----------------- 498 Technical and professional personnel, employment authorized ---------- 498 Time-measuring devices, restriction on use------------------------- 495 Transfers of funds ---------- 498, 627, 628 Quarterly statements to Appropria- tions Committees------------- 498 Transportation, etc.- Appropriation for----------------- 487 Availability of appropriations for -- 497 Families and household goods of em- ployees, delegation of authority to authorize payment of expenses- 499 Personnel engaged in war effort- Limitation on exercise of authority- 8( Report to Congress------------- 8( Tolls and fares, availability of appro- priations for payment --------- 85( Trophies, etc. - Congress, transmittal of information to ------------------------- Loan or gift authorized ----------- Transfer to Treasury Department for promotion of war or victory bonds sale ----------------- Vessels. See separate title. Veterans' Administration, transfer of 89' 89, 89X funds from------------------ Voting, absentee. See separate title. War Department, relief from reimburse- ment for amounts from designated appropriations; settlement of ac- counts ------------------------ 22 War or national emergency, transpor- tation and subsistence of persons-- 85 Water and refrigeration, funds avail- able for----------------------- 49 Weather Bureau, transfer of airplane, equipment, supplies, etc., to------ 47 Wyoming, University of, delivery of custody of silver service, etc., of U. S . S . Wyoming, authorized---- 2 . Yards and Docks, Bureau of- Accounting of appropriations for pub- lic works and public utilities--- 41 Maintenance- Appropriation for-------------- 4; neUUCLIUUw ids <rjrjrn 'r'pti . " = - 2 avy Department-Continued. rage Yards and Docks, Bureau of-Con. Public works- Appropriation for--------------- 490 Architectural and engineering services, local, use of-------- 490 Contract authorization, reduction- 17, 226 Applicability- -------------- 226 Contractor's fee, restriction------- 491 Contractual authority for advance base construction, repeal of unobligated balances -------- 490 Guam, availability of funds for re- construction of civilian econ- omy-- -------------------- 17 Land, acquisition of, limitations on use of designated appropria- tion and contract authoriza- tion--------------------- 226 Naval Academy field house, etc., cancellation of restriction on appropriation and contract authorization -------------- 226 Reduction in appropriations---- 17, 226 Salaries- Appropriation for -------------- Reduction in appropriation------- Nebraska: Decatur, bridge authorized across Mis- souri River at or near----------- Harlan County Reservoir, school facil- ities for dependents of persons en- gaged on construction, provision authorized-------------------- Indians, buildings and utilities, con- struction, etc., appropriation for- Nebraska-Iowa Bridge Corporation, bridge across Missouri River, Wash- ington County, Nebr. - Harrison County, Iowa, amendment of Act authorizing ------------------- North Platte project, appropriation for. Preliminary examinations and surveys of rivers, etc., authorized--------- Neches River, improvement authorized - Neuse River, N. C ., examination and sur- vey authorized --- --- --- --- --- - Nevada: Boulder City Cemetery Association, conveyance to----------------- Boulder Dam Recreational Area, ap- propriation for---------------- Davis Dam project, appropriation for-- Indians, buildings and utilities, con- struction, etc., appropriation for - Irrigation projects, appropriation for - Navigation and flood-control projects authorized--------------------- 494 227 89 643 358 661 365 640 638 639 307 376 367 357 357 338 CXXVII INDEX !-- P/ xneuuutaiou l I tp rpA-» rvlo--l -- in ,-V