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INDEX CXXXI Oklahoma-Conltiinued. Page Indians-Conltilued. Seneca Indian School, deposit of corpensation for flood damage to credit of --------------- - 975 Support, etc., appropriation for in- creased pay costs ----------- 111 Lake Texoma lecreational Area, ap- propriation for ----------- - 376, 377 Lawton- Fish hatchery property, conveyance by United States-------------- 58 Sale of certain Indian lands to------ 356 Lugert-Altus project, appropriation for_ 365 Navigation and flood-control projects authorized --------------------- 635 Oil and gas royalties, south half of Red River, appropriation for---------- 353 Preliminary examinations and surveys of rivers, etc., authorized------- 640, 652 Oklahoma City, Okla., flood-protection project on North Canadian River authorized------------------------ 648 Old-Age and Survivors Insurance, Bureau of. See under Social Security Board. Old-Age Assistance, Grants to States: Appropriation for-------------- 82, 263, 694 Computation----------------------- 991 Old Saybrook, Conn., bridge authorized across Connecticut River at or near- 122 Olean, N. Y., flood-protection project au- thorized------------------------ Oliver Inlet-Seymour Canal, Alaska, chan- nel, examination and survey author- ized-------------------------- Olympia Harbor, Wash., examination and survey authorized --------------- Olympic National Park, Wash.: Appropriation for protection of adjacent land ------

Appropriations authorized for perform- ance of designated functions and activities----------------------- Oneida Creek and Tributaries, N. Y., ex- amination and survey authorized --- OPA. See Price Administration, Office of. Opiates, provision for coverage under Fed- eral narcotic laws---------------- Opookta Creek, Miss., examination and survey authorized---------------- Ordnance, Bureau of. See under Navy Department. Ordnance, Ordnance Stores, Etc., lend- lease, reduction in appropriation - - Ordnance Department. See under War Department. Oregon: Columbia River, fishery resources, use of State facilities and services, etc., in conservation------------------ 80634--47-PT . -- 78 649 641 641 37( 88' 65: 36 65: 93 Oregon-Continued. Page Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands, ap- propriation for ------------ - 109, 353 Deschutes project, appropriation for- _- 365 Detroit Reservoir, school facilities for dependents of persons engaged on construction, provision authorized- 643 Dorena Reservoir, school facilities for dependents of persons engaged on construction, provision authorized_ 643 Flood-protection projects, adoption and authorization------------------ 650 Indians- Buildings and utilities, construction, etc., appropriation for --------- 358 Education, etc., appropriation for -- 193 Irrigation systems, appropriation for increased pay costs------------ 110 Klamath Agency, appropriation for support--------------------- 359 Support, etc., appropriation for in- creased pay costs-------------- 110 Irrigation projects, appropriation for--- 357 Klamath project, appropriation for - --- 111, 365, 366 Lookout Point Reservoir, school facilities for dependents of persons engaged on construction, provision author- ized--------------------------- 643 Navigation and flood-control projects authorized------------------- 636, 637 Oregon and California Railroad grant lands, appropriation for-------- 109, 353 Owyhee project, appropriation for----- 111, 365, 366 Portland, exchange of lands authorized- 259 Preliminary examinations and surveys of rivers, etc., authorized--- 638, 641, 652 Oregon Inlet, N. C ., examination and sur- vey authorized-------------------- 639 Ores of Metals and Minerals, records re- specting, transfer to Bureau of Mines; microfilming, etc ---------------- 1057 Organized Reserves, Army: Appropriation for------------------- 557 Field exercises, appropriation for par- ticipation in-------------------- 542 Medical Reserve Corps, care of Veterans' Administration beneficiaries, pay, etc------------------------- 557 National rifle matches- Care, etc., of ranges, details for; pay- ment--------------------- 560 Participation as volunteer competitors or range officers, travel and sub- sistence allowances ------------ 559 Pensioners, etc., restriction on payment to ------------------------- Restriction on use of funds ---------- ot5 557 CXXXI INDEX 93