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CXXXII Pay Readjustment Act of 1942-Con. Amendments-Continued. Effective date. --


Emergency officers' retired list------ Enlisted men- Allowances while in hospital, etc.; restriction on accrual in cer- tain cases----------------- Page 345 345 858 Base pay, increase in ------------ 343 Commutation in lieu of rations, designated personnel--------- 858 Longevity pay, increase --------- 343 Fleet Marine Corps Reserve, transfer to, retired pay, etc------------ 344 General officer grades, etc., base pay_ 344 Household effects, transportation, etc., on change of station; re- peal of prior legislation respect- ing ------------------------ 860 Marine Band- Concert tours, allowances -------- 344 Increases in pay, etc------------- 343 Retired pay, increase in---------- 344 Money allowance in lieu of transpor- tation, designated personnel ---- 860 Pay increases, applicability -------- 345 Retired pay, increase in------------ 343 Travel by personnel of armed forces, allowances, expenses, etc----- 858, 859 Warrant officers, pay and allowances; maximum------------------- 344 Nonapplicability of designated provi- sions of law to persons whose pay and allowances are established by- _ 812 Peach Mosaic Control, appropriation for_ 280 Peanuts: Acreage allotments, restriction on estab- lishment of--------------------- 663 Marketing quota for-------------- 705 1947 crop, restriction on proclama- tion------------------------ 663 Statistics, restriction on use of funds for collection and publication -------- 274 Pearl River and Tributaries, Miss., exami- nation and survey authorized------- 651 Pecatonica River and Tributaries, exami- nation and survey authorized ------- 652 Pee Dee River, bridge authorized across, at or near Cashua Ferry, S. C ------ 120 Pelican, Alaska, Harbor, examination and survey authorized ---- . -- -- -- - -- -- 641 Penal and Correctional Institutions. See under Justice, Department of. Penal and Penitentiary Commission, In- ternational, appropriation for contri- bution------- ------------------ 453 Penalty Mail, use by bankruptcy referees and special masters--- ---------- . 33C Penalty Mail Costs: Agriculture, Department of, appropria- tion for--------------------_- _ Alien Property Custodian, Office of, ap- propriation for ----------------- Architect of the Capitol, appropriation for ------------------- --- Budget, Bureau of the, appropriation for -..-----------------

Civil Aeronautics Board, appropriation for--------------------------- Civil Service Commission, appropria- tion for-------------------- Civilian Production Administration, ap- propriation for -- -- -- -- Commerce, Department of- Appropriation for----------------- Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Bu- reau of, transfer of funds to De- partment of Commerce-------- Courts- Administrative Office and Courts of the United States, appropriation for ------------------------ Claims, Court of, appropriation for__ Customs and Patent Appeals, Court of, appropriation for ----------- Customs Court, U. S., appropriation for-------------------------- District of Columbia- Juvenile Court, appropriation for-- Municipal Court, appropriation for ----------------------- Municipal Court of Appeals, appro- priation for----------------- Probation system, appropriation Page 271 604 400 61 469 63 605 465 471 479 477 476 477 509 509 510 for------------------------ 510 Register of Wills, Office of, appro- priation for----------------- 510 Supreme Court, appropriation for -- 476 Defense Transportation, Office of- Appropriation for----------------- 605 Reduction in appropriation -------- 7 Economic Advisers, Council of, appro- priation for--------------------- 913 Economic Stabilization, Office of- Appropriation for----------------- 606 Reduction in appropriation- ------- 7 Employees' Compensation Commission, appropriation for--------------- 697 Federal Communications Commission, appropriation for---------------- 64 Federal Power Commission, appropri- ation for--------------------- 65, 263 Federal Security Agency, appropriation for--------------------------- 696 Federal Trade Commission, appropria- tion for----------------------- 65, 611 Federal Works Agency, appropriation for--------------------------- 65 INDEX