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CXXXV Pennsylvania-Continued. rag Property, certain, grant to Common- wealth by U. S.; relinquishment of jurisdiction---------------- 895 Tarentum, bridge authorized across Allegheny River to point near New Kensington and Lower Burrel Township, Pa ----------------- 892 Warren, construction of bridge across Allegheny River at or near ------ 874 Pennsylvania Railroad Company, construc- tion of bridge across Allegheny River at or near Warren, Pa., authorized-- 874 Pennypack Creek, Philadelphia, Pa., fa- cilities for light-draft navigation, examination and survey authorized-_ 638 Pensacola Reservoir, Grand River Dam Project, Okla., use of U. S . lands for waters of------------------------- 974 Pensions. See Veterans. Peoria, Ill.: Improvement of Illinois River author- ized -------------------------- 636 Upper Free Bridge over Illinois River, appropriation for removal-------- 162 Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act, appropriation to effect provisions of- 108, 291 Permanent Appropriation Repeal Act, 1934, Indian Service irrigation proj- ects, modification of provisions re- specting certain funds-------------- 895 Revenues from power operations, annual appropriations authorized--------- 895 Permanent Court of Arbitration, Interna- tional Bureau of, appropriation for contribution------------------- 453, 620 Permanent International Commission of Congresses of Navigation, appropria- tion for------------------------- 162 Perry County Drainage and Levee Districts 1, 2, and 3, Mo., examination and survey authorized ---------------- 652 Personal Property Losses: Coast Guard personnel, appropriation for---------------------- --- 53( Marine Corps personnel and former Marine Corps personnel, certain, reimbursement---------------- 118, 231 Naval Establishment, naval and civilian personnel, reimbursement ------- 18( Navy personnel and former Navy per- sonnel, certain, reimbursement---- 87 118, 121, 231 Petroleum. See Oil and Gas. Petroleum Administration for War: Appropriation for liquidation -------- _ 344 Printing and binding, limitation in- creased. ..------ -----------

18. Salaries and expenses, reduction in ap- nronriation ------------------- 8 8, 22 'etroleum Conservation Division. See lage under Interior, Department of the. 'etroleum Reserves, Naval. See Naval Petroleum Reserves. Philadelphia, Pa., mint, appropriation for- 577 'hiladelphia, Pa. -Trenton, N. J ., exam- ination and survey of Delaware River authorized---- ------------------- 638 Philadelphia National Shrines Park Com- mission: Creation; duties--- ---------------- 973 Employees, expenditures, etc., appropri- ation authorized----------------- 974 Mail, official, free transmission-------- 974 Study of designated area; report to Congress --------------------- 974 Termination ----------------------- 974 Philippine Insurrection Veterans: Claims, payment of certain ------- 630. 918 Pension rates, veterans and dependents, increase in--------------------- 863 Widows and children, death compensa- tion or pension payable to, removal of limitations------------------- 931 Philippine Islands: Army of the Philippines, transfer of funds for, authorized------------ 14 Buildings for U. S. representatives, reduction in appropriation-------- 224 Citizenship requirement, U. S . employ- ees, nonapplicability of designated provisions --------------------- Currency destroyed at time of Japanese invasion, settlement authorized--- High Commissioner to, appropriations continued available------------- Independence ceremonies, provision for U. S . participation; appropriations authorized-------------------- Appropriation for----------------- Travel, etc., expenses, availability of appropriation; advances------- Loans or credit extension by Recon- struction Finance Corporation, au- thorized; restriction on rate of interest--------------------- Military assistance- Appropriation for --------------- Property transfers by Government departments and agencies, con- sultation with Secretaries of State, War, and Navy required- Military Assistance Act-------------- Military forces, service in during desig- nated period, benefits; restriction- Naturalization, etc., U. S., eligibility of designated persons ----------- Naval Reserve, U. S ., membership of certain citizens ---------------- 351 260 263 602 902 316 315 993 INDEX "--- n