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Potomac Electric Power Company, D. C., Page removal of designated inhibitions and restrictions; acquisition of stock- _ 260, 261 Potomac River, D. C., bridges in replace- ment of Fourteenth Street or Highway Bridge, use of lands, payment of costs, etc------------------------------ 566 Potomac River Basin, flood-protection projects authorized --------------- 644 Potsdam Conference, air travel accom- modations for Secret Service, cost borne by War Department -------- 199 Poultry: Diseases of, funds available for eradi- cation ----------------------- 278 Feeding and breeding, appropriation for investigations, etc--------------- 277 Maximum price, etc., limitations------ 667 Southwest Poultry Experiment Station, Glendale, Ariz., appropriation for construction of buildings -------- 277 Power Commission, Federal. See Federal Power Commission. Powers of Appointment in Disposition of Estates, time extension in connection with release of-------------------- 229 Prairie du Rocher, Ili., flood-protection project authorized----------- ---- 648 Predatory Animals, appropriation for con- trol of--------------------------- 380 Prefabricated Housing, limitation on en- couragement by Housing Expediter- _ 215 Prencinradio, Incorporated: Administrative expenses, funds avail- able for-- --------------------. 594 Deposit of designated sum in Treas- ury of United States ----.----- 13, 223 Expenditures, contracts, etc., authori- zation; limitation---------------- 594 President of the United States: American Battle Monuments Commis- sion, arrangements with foreign President of the United States-Con. Pag Appointments by-Continued. Atomic Energy Commission-------- 756 General Advisory Committee----- 757 Exemption from designated pro- visions of law------------- 771 General Manager of Commission__ 757 Atomic weapon tests, advisory board- 309 Bear River and tributaries, interstate compact for division of waters, U. S . representative from De- partment of the Interior------- 658 Board of Foreign Scholarships, mem- bers of -------------------- 755 Brigadier generals of the line, per- manent, designated persons---- 56, 936 Consuls or vice consuls, commissions of Foreign Service staff officers and employees as-------------- 1010 Diplomatic representatives, principal- 1007 District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency, two members---- 793 Economic Advisers, Council of------ 24 Farmers' Home Administration, Ad- ministrator------------------- 1064 Fleet Admiral of the U. S . Navy, per- manent grade, designated ap- pointments authorized--------- 59 Foreign Service officers------- - 426, 1007 Foreign Service Reserve officers, com- mission as diplomatic or consular officers---------------------- 1009 General in the Marine Corps, perma- nent grade, designated appoint- ments authorized-------------- 60 General of the Army, permanent grade, designated appointments authorized------------------- 59 Housing Expediter -------------- 208 Indian Claims Commission, members countries, making of ------- .- -- - American Republics- Merchant Marine Academy, U. S., and Merchant Marine Cadet Corps, U. S., designation of twelve persons to receive instruction in- Military Academy, U. S., designation of certain persons for instruction at---------- ---

Appointments by- Admiral in the Coast Guard, perma- nent grade, designated appoint- ments authorized-- --------- Air museum, national, members of advisory board -------- .. -- American Battle Monuments Com- mission - ------------------ . - 318 961 311 6a 998 371' of ----------------------- Interior, Department of the, Solicitor 1050 of ------------------------- 312 Judges. See under United States Courts. Justice, Department of- Antitrust Division, appointees at salaries of $8,225 or more--- 459 Special attorneys, etc., at salaries of $8,225 or more------------ 460 Labor, Department of- Assistant Secretaries- ----------- 91 Under Secretary----------------- 91 Marine Corps- Expiration of authority for certain- 93 Personnel, designated, to perma- nent warrant or commissioned grades------------------- 92,93 Regulations, prescription of------- 93 INDEX CXLI '.2