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CXLVIII Public Health Service-Continued. Nurses-Continued. Training (national defense), decrease in limitation on administrative expenses; reduction in appropria- tion------------------------- Overthrow of U. S . Government, re- striction on employment of persons advocating------------------- Pay and allowances, readjustment --- Per diem rates of allowance--------- Philippines- Contributions of labor, material, etc., from Government of Philippines, acceptance authorized --------- Instruction and training of Filipinos respecting public health author- ized----------------------- Appropriation for ------------- Qualification, standards for_ --- _- Public health services and facilities, rehabilitation and development, cooperation authorized __-- --- Appropriation for-------------- Pilot plants, sale of metal or mineral products of ----------------- --- Prison System, Federal, transfer of funds ------------------------ Psychiatric service for District of Co- lumbia juvenile court------------ Quarantine service, appropriation for_ 10l Rental allowances, occupancy of Gov- ernment facilities under Military Establishment------------------ St. Elizabeths Hospital, D. C . See separatetitle. Salaries and expenses, appropriation for------------------------- 101 Service credit for service before eighteen years of age; effective period---- -- Standards, National Bureau of, officers detailed to, funds available for ex- penses----------------------- State health services, grants and serv- ices to, appropriation for--------- Strikes against U. S. Government, re- striction on employment of persons engaging, etc., in-- ..--- --- --- --- Surgeon General, Office of, appropria- tion for ---------------------- Travel, amendments to Pay Readjust- ment Act of 1942 respecting allow- ances, expenses, etc----------- 85 Tropical diseases (national defense), re- duction in appropriation ___ --__ - Tuberculosis, prevention, treatment, and control, appropriation for -- - Venereal diseases, appropriation for control of---------------------- 9 700 343 81 139 137 621 139 136 621 375 464 509 6, 691 565 6, 692 32 472 691 700 692 8, 859 8 691 690 rublic Healtn Service-Jonlnueu. Veterans' Administration- Retired officers, employment author- ized; duration of authority------ Transfer of funds from------------ Vital statistics, functions with respect to, performance by------------- War Shipping Administration, transfer of funds from------------------ Public Health Service Act: Amendments- Citation of----------------------- Deceased officers, settlement of accounts--------------------- Hospital Survey and Construction Act. See separate title. National Mental Health Act. See separate title. Appropriation for effecting provisions of--------------------------- Renumbering of designated titles and sections---------------------- Public Housing Authority, Federal. See Federal Public Housing Authority under Housing. Public Lands: Atlantic City, N. J., conveyance of lighthouse property to---------- Burlington farmstead and coal-mine project, N. Dak., transfer to State- Clark County, Nev., conveyance for cemetery purposes-------------- Classification as to mineral character, etc., appropriation for---_ -- -- - Eagle County, Colo., exchange of lands- Elizabeth Township, Ohio, acquisition by U. S. of certain reserved mineral rights by grants in exchange for - - Fissionable material, materials essential to production of, reservation for use of United States-------------- Forest management and protection, Alaska, appropriation for increased pay costs---------------------- Fort Benning, Ga., easement over, etc., grant to Georgia Power Company, authorized---------------------- Fort Morgan, Ala., conveyance to State authorized ---------_ ._____--- Grand River Dam Project, Okla., use of U. S. lands for waters of---------- Irrigable lands, designated, veterans' preference in entry-------------- Miles City, Mont., conveyance for in- dustrial and recreational purposes- Mineral Lands Leasing Act, Amend- ments. See separatetitle. Oklahoma, patents for certain, issuance authorized; relinquishment of title of U. S . to certain town lots-- ---- . - - . .. - - -.- - -- .-- INDEX Page 978 75 1095 500 1049 30 690 1049 975 306 307 370 704 924 762 109 972 332 974 36 946 872