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INDEX Public Lands-Continued, rage Payments to States from proceeds of sales, appropriation for ---------- 352 Rainy Mountain School Reserve, Okla., certain lands set aside in trust for Indians of Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Reservation ------------ 305 Range improvements outside of grazing districts, appropriation for ----- 109, 353 Rural rehabilitation projects, Federal, liquidation, etc., authorization _ -- 711 Appropriation authorized ------- -- 711 Safford, Ariz., grant of title to certain lands for municipal water system- _ 33 Shores of, Federal participation in cost of protection against erosion------ 1056 Surveying of, appropriation for in- creased pay costs---------------- 109 Texas, relinquishment of title of U. S. to certain town lots-------------- 872 Timber resources, protection and man- agement, appropriation for ------ 353 War Department, lands under jurisdic- tion, etc., of, granting of easements for rights-of-way, authorized------ 643 White River, Ark., relocation, etc., of designated railroad tracks, author- ized-------------------------- -- 116 Wildlife, surveys and investigations by Fish and Wildlife Service -------- 1080 Public Lands, House Committee on, func- tions, etc ------------------------ 827 Public Lands, Senate Committee on, func- tions, etc------------------------- 819 Public Printer. See Government Printing Office. Public Roads Administration. See under Federal Works Agency. Public Works: Alaska, issuance of revenue bonds for, authorized; bond stipulations, etc- 33 Loans or advances to States, etc., appro- priation for--------------------. 264 Naval. See Yards and Docks, Bureau of, under Navy Department. Rivers and harbors. See separate title. Virgin Islands, appropriation for ----- 7( War public works, community facili- ties- Liquidation, appropriation for------ 264 Reduction in appropriation _- -- -- -- 9, 221 Public Works, House Committee on, func- tions, etc ------------------------ 82E Public Works, Senate Committee on, func- tions, etc------------------------- 819 Public Works Administration. See under Federal Works Agency. Pueblo Indians: Irrigation projects, appropriationfor--- 357 Pueblo Indians-Continued. Page Middle Rio Grande Conservancy Dis- trict, contracts for payment of designated charges, time extension of authority of Secretary of In- terior-------------------------- 121 Puerto Rico: Agricultural experiment stations- Allotments, determination of; restric- tions-- ------------ __

1084 Appropriation for----------------- 276 Buildings, funds for construction.. _ _ . 277 Research, appropriations authorized_ 1083 Agricultural extension work, appropria- tion for------------------------ 275 Agricultural industry, research, etc., respecting _--- ---------------- - 1083 Airport projects, Federal, annual appro- priations authorized------------- 172 Availability of funds ----- _---- - 172, 174 District Court of U. S .- Retirement of judges; computation of length of service, etc.... -- -- - 91 Salary rate of judge--------------- 716 Experiment Station, Federal, appropria- tion for increased pay costs------- 107 Farm Tenant Act, extension of provi- sions to----------------------- 1071 Internal revenue laws, application----- 158 Land, acquisition by Military Establish- ment, reductions in appropriations_ 224 School-lunch program, apportionment of funds and nonfood assistance, limitations __-- ------ ------- - --- 231 "School," definition of------------- 231 Topographic surveys, appropriation for; limitation---------------------- 369 Vocational education, appropriation for- 689 Work relief, reduction in appropriation_ 221 Pulaski's Memorial Day, proclamation authorized------------------------ 262 Purnell Act, appropriation to effect ----- 276 Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation, Nev., irrigation projects, appropriation for_ 357 Q Quarantine Service, appropriation for- . -- Quarantine Station, Animal, International, establishment, etc------------------- Quartermaster Corps. See under War Department. Queen Creek, Ariz., flood-protection proj- ect for Whitlow Ranch Reservoir authorized------------------------ Quiver River, flood-protection project authorized---------------------- R Rabbits, domestic raising, classification- 691 633 650 645 127 CXLIX