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INDEX Social Security Act Amendments of 1946- Continued. Maritime workers, unemployment com- pensation-Continued. Reconversion unemployment benefits for seamen ------------------ Payments to States ------------ Penalties for false statement, fraud- ulent receipts, or failure, etc., to furnish information ------ Page 982 984 985 State coverage ------------------- 981 Maternal and child health services, in- crease in annual appropriation for, authorized---------------------- 986 "State," places included in term------ 986 Veterans, World War II, deceased, bene- fits in case of------------------- 979 Appropriation authorized---------- 980 Veterans' Emergency Housing Act of 1946. See under Housing. Wages, definitions of------------- 989, 990 Social Security Board. See also Social Security Act; Social Security Act Amendments of 1946. Abolishment; transfer of functions to Administrator of Federal Security Agency ------------------------ 1095 Employment Security, Bureau of, ap- propriation for --------------- 106, 694 Grants to States, appropriation for -- - 82, 263,264 ,694 Charge of obligations, etc., to desig- nated appropriations ----------- 264 Miscellaneous expenses, appropriation for--------------------------- 694 Old-Age and Survivors Insurance, Bu- reau of, appropriation for------ 106, 694 Overthrow of U. S. Government, restric- tion on employment of persons ad- vocating _--------------- --- 700 Public Assistance, Bureau of, appropria- tion for ---------------- - 106,694 Salaries, appropriation for --------- 106, 694 Strikes against U. S . Government, re- striction on employment of persons engaging, etc., in --------------- 700 Transfer of funds authorized---------- 694 Withholding of moneys from State agencies, restriction-------------- 695 Softwood Logs and Lumber, maximum prices---------------------------- 674 Soil and Moisture Conservation Opera- tions, appropriation for---------- 109, 341 Soil Conservation and Domestic Allot- ment Act: Appropriation to effect provisions of--- 288 Payments, etc., to agricultural pro- ducers, time extension of authority- 66; Soil Conservation Service. See under A lrril+ltur Dnpartmrnt onf. Soils, appropriation for investigations of management methods ------------- Soldiers' Home, United States, appropri- ation for-__------------------__- Soldiers' Vote. See Voting, Absentee. Solicitor General, Office of. See under Justice, Department of. Solid Fuels Administration for War: Appropriation for-_---_----------___ Reduction in appropriation; transfer of funds to Bureau of Mines ------- Solomons, Md., care and operation of schools, Navy, appropriation for - - - Solomons Island, Md., navigation channel to Benedict, examination and survey authorized----------------------- Sound Bay-Saint Mary DeGalvez Bay, waterway across Santa Rosa Penin- sula, examination and survey author- ized--------------------------- South America. See American Republics. South Carolina: Cashua Ferry, bridge authorized across Pee Dee River at or near-------- Leneudes Ferry, bridge authorized across Santee River at or near- -- Preliminary examinations and surveys of rivers, etc., authorized-------- South Dakota: Canton, conveyance----------------- Fort Randall Reservoir, school facilities for dependents of persons engaged on construction, provision author- ized---------------------------- Indians- Buildings and utilities, construction, etc., appropriation for--------. Education, etc., appropriation for- _ - Industrial assistance, appropriation for------------------------ Navigation and flood-control projects authorized--------------------- Preliminary examinations and surveys of rivers, etc., authorized ------- Rapid City, Indian museum, appropria- tion for support----------------- Wind Cave National Park, boundaries, revision-- --------------------- South Holston Dam, appropriation for construction--------------------- Southern Pacific Railroad Company, ex- change of lands at Benicia Arsenal, Calif., authorized---------------- Southern Ute Indians, Colo., appropria- tion for irrigation projects---------- Southwest Poultry Experiment Station, Glendale, Ariz., appropriation for construction of buildings ---------- Southwestern Power Administration, ap- nronriation for------------------- 80634'- U-47 -P. - 80 80634° - 47- PT. I- --80 Page 279 164 618 10 486 639 640 120 323 639 998 643 357 193 361 636 640 354 970 586 256 357 277 384 CLXIII rIs--