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State, Department of-Continued. Page Foreign Service--Continued. Emergency assignrments -- --- --- -- 452 Exchange of funds, certain, nonappli- cability of designated restrictions- 453 Officers, additional appointments au- thorized; eligibility ----------- 426 Pay period of employees ----------- 620 Quarters- Allowances, limitations .. .. 449 Nonapplication in designated cases--------------------- 620 Appropriation for------------- 449, 620 Representation allowances, appro- priation for------------------- 450 Retirement and disability fund, ap- propriation for---------------- 450 Salaries, appropriation for- Ambassadors and ministers.. - 197, 448 Basic compensation, increases in, availability of appropriations- 197 Clerical, administrative and fiscal personnel----------------- 450, 620 Clerks------ -------------- 113, 197 Foreign Service officers -------. 113, 449 Miscellaneous salaries and allow- ances----------- 113, 197, 450, 620 Subsistence expenses on temporary detail under commission ------- 449 Trade-marks, acknowledgments and verifications in foreign countries- 432 Transfer of appropriations, author- ized, limitation---------------- 452 Transportation, appropriation for--- 197. 449, 620 Travel provisions, nonapplicability of designated provisions of law - 807, 808 Vehicles- Exemption from certain limitations on use---- --------------- 79 Purchase from Government surplus stock; use of exchange allow- ances----------------------- 452 Information program outside conti- nental United States, appropriation for; restriction------------------ 446 Inspectors of buildings abroad, assign- ment of certain Government per- sonnel a-..------- ---.. - - 458, 1011 Inter-American Affairs, Institute of. See separatetitle. Inter-American Cultural Relations, Con- vention for Promotion of, appro- priation for expenses under ------- 467 Inter-American Educational Founda- tion, Inc. See separatetitle. Inter-American Navigation Corpora- tion. See separate title. Inter-American Transportation, Insti- tute of. See separatetitl. State, Department of-Continued. Page International activities, appropriation for participation in ------------- 454 International Boundary and Water Commission, U. S . and Mexico. See separate title. International Boundary Commission, United States and Canada and Alaska and Canada, appropriation for ------------------------- 113,456 International Fisheries Commission, ap- propriation for----------------- 456 International Information and Cultural Affairs, Office of, Inter-American affairs functions, reduction in ap- propriation ------------------- 625 International Joint Commission, U. S . and Canada, appropriation for- 456, 621 International Joint Commission, U. S. and Great Britain, appropriation for increased pay costs .-------- 113 International obligations, appropriation for---- - 113, 198, 453, 587, 620, 621, 916 International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission, appropriation for ---- 457 Judgments, appropriation for-------- 201 Justice, Department of, matters under joint control, investigations----- 461, 462 Lend-Lease. See separatetitle. Lower Rio Grande flood-control project, construction, limitations---------- 455 Marine Corps, enlisted men as custo- dians of buildings abroad------ 450, 1011 Meteorological reporting stations, Arctic region of Western Hemisphere, cooperation in establishment, etc-- 4 Appropriation for----------------- 474 National Commission on Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Coopera- tion, appointment; provision of secretariat---------------------- 713 Naturalization of certain former U. S. citizens, sending of copies of oath to Department------------------ 866 Navy, enlisted men as custodians of buildings abroad------------ 450, 1011 Navy Department, reimbursement for materials, services, etc ---------- 452 Nogales sanitation and flood-control projects, provisions and conditions 456 Overthrow of U. S. Government, re- striction on employment of persons advocating -------------------- 480 Passengers arriving from foreign coun- tries, discontinuance of report to Congress----------------------- 869 Passport agencies, appropriation for - 113. 447 Penalty mail costs, appropriation for - 447 Philippine Islands. See separatetitle. INDEX CLXV