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CLXXIII Treasury Department: Page Accounts, Bureau of, appropriation for----------------- 113,198,267,570 Appropriation Act, 1947-------------- 568 Bankruptcy referees' salary fund and expense fund, establishment, etc-- 327 Booker T. Washington, coinage of 50- cent pieces to commemorate life of, authorized------------ -------- 863 Bretton Woods Agreements Act, author- ity to carry out agreement for fur- ther implementation of-- -------- 535 Checks or warrants, U. S., altered, etc., time limitation for claims with respect to------- ------------- 31 Time extension in case of fraudulent concealment of facts --------- 31 Chief Clerk, Office of, appropriation for-------------------- 113,569,622 Claims, certified, appropriation for payment----------------------- 571 Coast Guard. See separate title. Comptroller of the Currency- Annual report, discontinuance------- 870 Office of, appropriation for increased pay costs--------------------- 114 Reports to Congress, certain, discon- tinuance--------------------- 869 Contingent expenses, report to Congress respecting expenditures, discontin- uance------------------------- 870 Couriers of Department of State, assign- ment of personnel as------------- 458 Customs, Bureau of- Appropriation for-------------- 114,572 Employees, veterans of World War II, benefits for those losing oppor- tunity of probational appoint- ments--------------------- 749 Local Inspectors, Boards of- Abolition-------------------- 1098 Transfer of functions to Coast Guard and Bureau of Customs- 1097 Marine Boards- Abolition--------------------- 1098 Transfer of functions to Coast Guard and Bureau of Customs- 1097 Marine Casualty Investigation Board- Abolition-- ------------------- 1098 Transfer of functions to Coast Guard and Bureau of Customs- 1097 Marine Inspection and Navigation, Bureau of- Abolition--------------------- 109E Transfer of functions to Coast Guard and Bureau of Customs- 1097 Overtime compensation, appropria- tion for.- --- --- --- --- ---- --- 57 Treasury Department-Continued. Customs, Bureau of-Continued. Pay costs, increased, appropriation for. Supervising Inspectors, Board of- Abolition --------------------- Transfer of functions to Coast Guard and Bureau of Customs- Page 114 1098 1097 Vessels- Registry, enrollment, licensing, etc., transfer to, of functions per- taining to----------------- 1097 Undocumented, award of numbers to, transfer of functions to Coast Guard--------------- 1097 Damage claims, appropriation for---- 200, 201,628,629,706,917 Decatur County, Ind., payment of claim authorized-------------------- 706 Delinquent transmittal of accounts to Washington offices by Government officers, etc., discontinuance of re- port to Congress- --------------- 869 Disbursement, Division of- Appropriation for---------- 113, 268, 570 Transfer of funds from designated agencies--------------------- 570 District of Columbia- Reimbursement for benefit payments to White House Police and Secret Service forces-------------- 577, 623 Teachers' retirement and annuity fund- Appropriation estimates and actu- arial valuations, preparation of------------------------- 881 Deposit, investment, etc --------- 876 Engraving and Printing, Bureau of- Appropriation for--------------- 114, 575 Crediting of proceeds from work -- - 575 Protection of currency, etc., transfer of funds for; detail of Secret Service supervisors ----------- 576 Scientific investigations, transfer of funds to Bureau of Standards for- 576 Farm Tenant Act, certain claims under, reference for settlement --------- 1065 Farm tenant mortgage insurance fund, deposit of moneys-.------------- 1075 Federal Alcohol Administration Act, discontinuance of report of adminis- tration of functions under-------- 870 Fiscal Service- Appropriation for------- 113,198, 267, 570 Vocational Education Act of 1946, payments to States and territo- ries under ------------------- 776 Flood control, receipts from land leases for, payments to States --------- 642 Foreign funds control, appropriation for- 569 INDEX