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PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 143-APR. 19, 1946 50 Stat. 5. 12U.S. c. if 1020- 1020o; Supp. V. 1020k note. so Stat. 187. Federal Crop Insurance Act: "Administrative and operating expenses", $320,000; Soil Conservation Service: "Soil conservation research", $164,000; "Soil conservation operations", $4,575,000; "Erosion control, Everglades region, Florida", $10,200; "Land utilization and retirement of submarginal land", $144,000; Marketing Service: "Market news service", $142,000; "Market inspection of farm products", $68,000; "Marketing farm products", $58,000; "Tobacco Acts", $67,500; "Perishable Agricultural Commodities, Produce Agency, and Standard Container Acts", $24,500; "Cotton Statistics, Classing, Standards, and Futures Acts", $138,000; "United States Grain Standards Act", $127,000; "United States Warehouse Act", $60,000; "Federal Seed Act", $14,000; "Packers and Stockyards Acts", $48,000; "Naval Stores Act", $4,500; "Insecticide Act", $27,700; "Commodity Exchange Act", $41,500; "Freight rates for farm products", $12,000; "Loans, grants, and rural rehabilitation", $3,200,000; Farm tenancy: "Salaries and expenses", $365,000; "Water facilities, arid and semiarid areas", $25,000; Rural Electrification Administration: "Salaries and expenses", $490,000; Farm Credit Administration: "Salaries and expenses", $66,800; and increase the funds made available pursuant to Act of January 29, 1937, from "$3,845,209" to "$4,385,209"; Total, Department of Agriculture, $19,203,300. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE For- Office of the Secretary: "Salaries and expenses", $98,000; Bureau of the Census: "Compiling census reports, and so forth", $735,000; Office of Administrator of Civil Aeronautics: "General administration, Office of the Administrator", $370,000; "Technical development", $42,000; "Enforcement of safety regulations", $386,000; "Airport Advisory Service", $33,000; "Maintenance and operation of aircraft", $43,000; "Maintenance and operation, Washington National Airport", $107,000; "Civil Aeronautics Board, salaries and expenses", $135,000; Coast and Geodetic Survey: "Salaries and expenses, departmental", $169,000; "Salaries and expenses, field". $258,000; Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce: "Departmental salaries and expenses", $275,000; "Field office service", $62,800; Patent Office: "Salaries", $400,000; 108 [60 STAT.