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79TH OONG. , 2 D SESS.-CH. 143-APR . 19, 1946 "Office of the Solicitor for the Post Office Department", $18,770; "Office of the Chief Inspector", $59,100; "Office of the Purchasing Agent", $11,500; "Bureau of Accounts", $57,100; Field Service, Post Office Department: Office of Chief Inspector: "Salaries of inspectors", $563,900; "Clerks, division headquarters", $187,300; Office of the First Assistant Postmaster General: "Rural Delivery Service", $17,385,000; Office of the Fourth Assistant Postmaster General: "Post office stationery, equipment, and supplies", $20,700; "Pneumatic-tube service, New York City", $52,800; Total, Post Office Department, $18,988,370; DEPARTMENT OF STATE a Stat. 169. For- Office of the Secretary of State: "Salaries", $1,861,810- "Passport agencies", $10,410; "Collecting and editing official papers of Territories of the United States", $400; Foreign Service: "Salaries, ambassadors and ministers", $13,000; "Salaries, Foreign Service officers", $294,000; "Salaries of clerks, Foreign Service", $518,150; "Miscellaneous salaries and allowances, Foreign Service", $55,850; "Foreign Service, auxiliary (emergency)", $400,000; International obligations: "Salaries and expenses, International Boundary Commission, United States and Mexico", $61,400; "Supplemental construction on the Rio Grande in the El Paso- Juarez Valley", $9,800; "International Boundary Commission, United States and Canada and Alaska and Canada", $2,530; "Salaries and expenses, International Joint Commission, United States and Great Britain", $3,080; "Special and technical investigations, International Joint Commission, United States and Great Britain", $8,300; "Cooperation with the American republics", $98,370; Total, Department of State, $3,337,100; TREASURY DEPARTMENT 59 Stan. 56. For- Office of the Secretary: "Salaries", $57,400; Division of Tax Research: "Salaries", $25,200; Office of Tax Legislative Counsel: "Salaries", $11,800; Division of Research and Statistics: "Salaries", $26,600; Office of General Counsel: "Salaries", $21,800; Division of Personnel: "Salaries", $32,200; Office of Chief Clerk: "Salaries", $68,200; Fiscal service: Bureau of Accounts: "Salaries and expenses", $180,800; "Division of Disbursement, salaries and expenses", $1,075,900; 80634°-47--PT . I -- 8 113 60 STAT.]