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PUBLIC LAWS-- H. 143-APR. 19, 1946 Bureau of the Public Debt: "Administering the public debt", $7,612,000; Office of the Treasurer of the United States: "Salaries and expenses" $881,700; "Salaries (reimbursable)", $17,300; Bureau of Customs: "Salaries and expenses", $6,000,000; Office of the Comptroller of the Currency: "Salaries", $44,200; Bureau of Narcotics: "Salaries and expenses", $178,800; Bureau of Engraving and Printing: "Salaries and expenses", $1,035,700; Secret Service Division: "White House Police", $49,500; Bureau of the Mint: "Salaries and expenses, Office of the Director", $23,000; "Salaries and expenses, mints and assay offices", $242,900; Procurement Division: "Salaries and expenses", $70,900; Total, Treasury Department, $17,655,900; 9 Stat. 42. WAR DEPARTMENT For- The Panama Canal: "Maintenance and operation of the Panama Canal", $587,000; "Sanitation, Canal Zone", $477,000; "Civil government", $361,000; Total, War Department, $1,425,000; 59 Stat. 271. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA For- General administration: "Executive office", $17,550; "Office of the corporation counsel", $17,720; "Board of Tax Appeals", $2,790; Fiscal Service: "Assessor's office", $45,870; "Collector's office", $19,530; "Auditor's office", $36,400; "Purchasing Division", $7,640; Regulatory agencies: "Alcoholic Beverage Control Board", $6,210; "Board of Indeterminate Sentence and Parole", $4,840; "Coroner's office", $7,050; "Department of Insurance" $7,300; "Department of Weights, Measures, and Markets", $19,670; "Minimum Wage and Industrial Safety Board", $6,750; "Office of Administrator of Rent Control", $6,510; "Office of Recorder of Deeds", $32,500; "Poundmaster's office", $9,230; "Public Utilities Commission", $14,320; "Zoning Commission", $2,170; Public schools: Operating expenses: "General administration", $71,330; "General supervision and instruction", $1,355,160; "Vocational education, George-Deen program", $16,350; "Operation of buildings and maintenance of equipment", $386,460; "Public Library", $112 ,74 0 ; Recreation Department: "Operating expenses", $56,410; "Metropolitan Police", $777,040; 114 [60 STAT.