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79TH CONG., 2D SESS.- CH. 244 -APR. 30, 1946 Part 4-Immigration SEC. 331. CERTAIN UNITED STATES CITIZENS GIVEN NON-QUOTA STATUS. Any citizen of the United States who actually resided in the Philip- pines for a continuous period of three years during the period of forty-two months ending November 30, 1941, if entering the Philip- pines during the period from July 4, 1946, to July 3, 1951, both dates inclusive, for the purpose of resuming residence in the Philippines, shall, for the purposes of the immigration laws, be considered a non- quota immigrant. After such admission as a non-quota immigrant he shall, for the purposes of the immigration and naturalization laws, be considered as lawfully admitted to the Philippines for permanent residence. The benefits of this section shall also apply to his wife, if a citizen of the United States, and to his unmarried children under 18 years of age, if such wife or children are accompanying or follow- ing to join him during such period. SEC. 332. IMMIGRATION OF UNITED STATES CITIZENS INTO THE PHILIPPINES. Citizens of the United States, admissible to the Philippines under the provisions required by section 402 (e) to be included as a part of the executive agreement made under Title IV, shall be entitled to enter the Philippines, in the numbers and during the periods of years, and to remain therein for the time, specified in that part of the agree- ment which embodies the provisions of section 402 (e). Part 5-Miscellaneous SEC. 341. RIGHTS OF UNITED STATES CITIZENS AND BUSINESS EN- TERPRISES IN NATURAL RESOURCES. The disposition, exploitation, development, and utilization of all agricultural, timber, and mineral lands of the public domain, waters, minerals, coal, petroleum, and other mineral oils, all forces and sources of potential energy, and other natural resources of the Philip- pines, and the operation of public utilities, shall, if open to any per- son, be open to citizens of the United States and to all forms of busi- ness enterprise owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by United States citizens. SEC. 342. CURRENCY STABILIZATION. The value of Philippine currency in relation to the United States dollar shall not be changed, the convertibility of pesos into dollars shall not be suspended, and no restrictions shall be imposed on the transfer of funds from the Philippines to the United States, except by agreement with the President of the United States. SEC. 343. ALLOCATION OF QUOTAS. The allocation, reallocation, transfer, and assignment of quotas established by sections 211, 212, and 214, respectively, of Part 2 of Title II, shall be on the basis provided for in such Part. Status after admis- sion. Applicability of benefits. Ante, pp. 144 -146 . TITLE IV-EXECUTIVE AGREEMENT BETWEEN UNITED STATES AND PHILIPPINES SEC. 401. AUTHORIZATION OF AGREEMENT. The President of the United States is authorized (except as here- inafter in this title otherwise provided) to enter into an executive agreement with the President of the Philippines providing for the acceptance on the part of each country of the provisions of Title II and of Title III (except Part 1) of this Act. The President of the Ant, pp. 143,148 . United States is not authorized by this section to enter into such 60 STAT.] 151