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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 251 -MAY 13, 1946 Public use. Operation maintenance. and Aerial approaches. Use by military and naval aircraft. Space for traffic con- trol. Accounts and rec- ords. Reports. Inspection of reo ords. Projects in Alaska (c) The United States share payable on account of any approved project in the Territory of Alaska shall be such portion of the allow- able project costs of the project (not less than 50 per centum in the case of a class 3 or smaller airport, and not to exceed 75 per centum in the case of an airport of any class) as the Administrator may deem appropriate for carrying out the provisions of this Act. Acquisitions of Land and Interests in Air Space (d) To the extent that the project costs of an approved project represent the cost of acquiring land or interests therein or easements through or other interests in air space, the United States share (1) in the case of a project for the development of a class 3 or smaller airport, shall be 25 per centum of the allowable costs of such acqui- sition, and (2) in the case of a project for the development of a class 4 or larger airport, shall be not to exceed 25 per centum of the allowable costs of such acquisition. PROJECT SPONSORSHTIP SEC. 11. As a condition precedent to his approval of a project under this Act, the Administrator shall receive assurances in writing, satis- factory to him, that- (1) the airport to which the project relates will be available for public use on fair and reasonable terms and without unjust discrimination; (2) such airport and all facilities thereon or connected there- with will be suitably operated and maintained, with due regard to climatic and flood conditions; (3) the aerial approaches to such airport will be adequately cleared and protected by removing, lowering, relocating, mark- ing, or lighting or otherwise mitigating existing airport hazards and by preventing the establishment or creation of future airport hazards; (4) all the facilities of the airport developed with Federal aid and all those usable for the landing and take-off of aircraft will be available to the United States for use by military and naval air- craft in common with other aircraft at all times without charge, except, if the use by military and naval aircraft shall be sub- stantial, a reasonable share, proportional to such use, of the cost of operating and maintaining the facilities so used; (5) the airport operator or owner will furnish to any civil agency of the Government, without charge (except for light, heat, janitor service, and similar facilities and services at the reasonable cost thereof), such space in airport buildings as may be reason- ably adequate for use in connection with any air traffic control activities, or weather-reporting activities and communications activities related to air traffic control, which such agency may deem it necessary to establish and maintain at the airport; (6) all project accounts and records will be kept in accordance with a standard system of accounting prescribed by the Adminis- trator after consultation with appropriate public agencies; (7) the airport operator or owner will submit to the Adminis- trator such annual or special airport financial and operations reports as the Administrator may reasonably request; and (8) the airport and all airport records will be available for inspection by any duly authorized agent of the Administrator upon reasonable request. 176 [60 STAT.