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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Public Law 604 --- Naval Appropriation Act, 1946, enactment of certain provisions. AN ACT To enact certain provisions now included in the Naval Appropriation Act, 1946, and for other purposes_-- - - 605 - - - Bridge, MississippiRiver. AN ACT To further extend the times for commencing and completing the construction of a bridge across the Mississippi River at or near Friar Point, Mississippi, and Helena, Arkansas __.____-_____------_____--_____ 606 --- Office of Recorder of Deeds, D. C. AN ACT To close the Office of the Recorder of Deeds on Saturdays-------------_---- ---- 607 -_- Chemical Corps, U. S . Army. AN ACT To change the name of the Chemical Warfare Service to the Chemical Corps ------ 608 --- Bridge, Mississippi River. AN ACT To provide authorization for the village of Cahokia, Illinois, to construct, maintain, and operate a toll bridge across the Mississippi River at or near Cahokia, Illinois, and for other purposes------------------- 609 --- Bridge, Rio Grande. AN ACT Authorizing the State of Texas, acting through the State Highway Commission of Texas, or the successors thereof, to acquire, construct, maintain, and operate a free bridge across the Rio Grande at or near Del Rio, Texas -------- - - -- ____ --___ _-__ ____ __. _--_ ____ ____ - 610 --- Booker T. Washington, commemorative coinage. AN ACT To authorize the coinage of 50-cent pieces to commemorate the life and perpetuate the ideals and teachings of Booker T. Wash- ington--.-----____--__________.---____________________ 611 --- Veterans, Spanish American War. AN ACT To grant increased service pensions in certain Spanish-American War cases not included in recent legislation providing increases to other Spanish-American War veterans and their dependents, and for other purposes.----- _-- .--- --- -______ -____ ____-- 612 --- Iowa, commemorative coinage. AN ACT To authorize the coinage of 50-cent pieces in commemoration of the one-hundredth anniversary of the admission of Iowa into the Union as a State- 613 --- Immigration and Naturalization Service. AN ACT To amend the law relating to the authority of certain employees of the Immigration and Naturalization Service to make arrests with- out warrant in certain cases and to search vehicles within cer- tain areas ----------------------------- ___________ 614 --- Naturalizationof former citizens of U. S. AN ACT To provide for the expeditious naturalization of former citizens of the United States who have lost United States citizenship through voting in a political election in a country not at war with the United States during the Second World War ----------- ___ 615 --- Discontinuanceof certain reports. AN ACT To discontinue cer- tain reports now required by law ----------------- _ __ _ __ - 616 --- Hawaiian Organic Act, amendment. AN ACT To amend para- graph (1) of section 73 of the Hawaiian Organic Act, as amended------------------- 617 -_- Oklahoma, disposition of lands. AN ACT Relating to the dis- position of public lands of the United States situated in the State of Oklahoma between the Cinarron base line and the north boundary of the State of Texas -------- ___...._____. 618 --- San Francisco, Calif., settlement of claims. AN ACT For the relief of the city and county of San Francisco-__....__.-___ 619 --- Panama Canal, civilian services. AN ACT To amend an Act entitled "An Act to provide for the recognition of the services of the civilian officials and employees, citizens of the United States, engaged in and about the construction of the Panama Canal", approved May 29, 1944 .----- ____ ________ ______ 620 --- Commissioner of Patents, designation of examiners. AN ACT To authorize the Commissioner of Patents to designate ex- aminers to serve temporarily as examiners in chief------- 621 --- Bridge, Allegheny River. AN ACT Granting the consent of Congress to The Pennsylvania Railroad Company to con- struct, maintain, and operate a railroad bridge across the Allegheny River at or near Warren, Pennsylvania------ 622 -- _ Veterans, benefits. AN ACT To provide for the payment of pension or other benefits withheld from persons for the period they were residing in countries occupied by the enemy forces during World War II


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