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. Ante, p. 9; post, p. 625. Ante, p. 9. Ante, p . 10. 59 Stat. 321 . Ante, pp. 10,11; post, p. 625. 59 Stat. 182. 49 Stat. 1987; 59 Stat. 127. 46U.S.C. 111; Supp. V, 1 116 notes. Ante, 1p.12; post, p. 628. 59 Stat. 418. Ante, p. 12. 59 Stat. 200 . PUBLIC LAWS-OH. 271-MAY 27, 1946 [60 STAT. Public Buildings Administration; Emergency safeguarding of public buildings and property, $75,000. Public Roads Administration: Flight strips (national defense), $56,732, and such additonal amount as may remain unobligated. In all, independent offices, $308,494,732. EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS [Non-War] DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Emergency supplies for Territories and possessions, $3,800,000. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Office of Fishery Coordination: Salaries and expenses, $12,000. Emergency funds appropriated to the President: Emergency fund for the President, national defense (allot- ment to Interior, Territories and island possessions), $1,391,143. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Legal activities and general administration: Salaries and expenses, Lands Division, $300,000. In all, executive departments, $5,503,143. In all, title I, $1,833,768,275. Miscellaneous Provisions, Title I REDUCTIONS IN OONTRACOUAL AUTHORIZATIONS Contractual authorizations of the departments and agencies avail- able in the fiscal year 1946 are hereby reduced in the sums hereinafter set forth: INDEPENDENT OFFICES United States Maritime Commission: Construction fund, Act June 29, 1936, revolving fund, $460,000,000. Federal Works Agency, Public Buildings Administration: Con- struction of buildings in the District of Columbia, $3,673,001. REDUCTIONS IN LIMITATIONS ON ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES Limitations on amounts from funds of corporations and other agencies for administrative expenses are hereby reduced in the following sums: EXEOlTIVE OFFICE OF TIlE PRESIDENT Office for Emergency Management, Foreign Economic Adminis- tration: Rubber Development Corporation, $160,000. U. S. Commercial Company, $250,000. INDEPENDENT OFFICES Federal Loan Agency, Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Administrative expenses, Reconstruction Finance Corporation and its affiliated organizations, $7,000,000. 222