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PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 271-MAY 27, 1946 54 Stat. 1008. 38 U. S. C. §§801- 818; Supp. V, §801 et seq. Post, p. 781 et seq. 59 Stat. 543. 10 U. 8. C., Supp. V, § 637. (6) The provisions of laws administered by the Veterans' Administration providing for the payment of pensions on account of service-connected disability or death: Provided further, That payments made under the provisions of any law referred to in clauses (5) and (6) above shall be paid at the rate of one Philippine peso for each dollar authorized by such law: And provided further That the provisions of the National Service Life Insurance Act of 1940, as amended, shall apply to persons who serve in the Philippine Scouts under the provisions of section 14 of the Act approved October 6, 1945, only insofar as such provisions relate to contracts of insurance hereto- fore entered into. Quartermaster Corps: Quartermaster Service, Army, 1942-1946, subappropriation "Welfare of enlisted men", $5,400,000. Transportation Corps: Transportation Service, Army, 1945-1946, $80,000,000. Signal Corps: Signal Service of the Army, 1942-1946, $85,000,000. Air Corps: Air Corps, Army, 1942-1946, $1,000,000,000. Medical Department: Medical and Hospital Department, Army, 1942-1946, $27,615,000. Corps of Engineers: Engineer Service, Army, 1942-1946, subappropriation "Engi- neer Service", $50,000,000, and no part of such subappropriation shall be available after February 25, 1946, for acquiring land or building permanent structures within the continental limits of the United States, except structures not costing more than $20,000. Repair of arsenals, Army, 1942-1946, $661,905. Repair of arsenals, emergency construction, no year, $480. Acquisition of land, Panama, Army, no year, $395,593. Acquisition of land, Buchanan, Puerto Rico, no year, $8,284. Acquisition of land, Act June 26,1940, no year, $13,254. Acquisition of land for military purposes, national defense, no year, $360,941. Acquisition of land, San Bernardino, Kern, Los Angeles Counties, California, no year, $1,470. Acquisition of land, Ogden Ordnance Depot, Utah, no year, $60,420. Sites for military purposes, no year, $10,065. Construction of buildings, utilities, and appurtenances at mili- tary posts, no year, $12,533,633. Office buildings and appurtenances, War Department, Arling- ton County, Virginia, no year, $157. Buildings for United States representatives, Philippine Islands, no year, $304. Ordnance Department: Ordnance Service and Supplies, Army, 1942-1946, $201,035,000. Chemical Warfare Service: Chemical Warfare Service, Army, 1942-1946, $21,600,000. Special Service Schools: Special Service Schools, Army, 1942-1946, $382,500, and sub- appropriations under this head are hereby decreased as follows: (1) Infantry School, $181,200; (2) Cavalry activities, $30,300; (3) Field Artillery activities, $130,500; and (4) Coast Artillery activities, $40,500. [60 STAT.