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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 425 -JUNE 21, 1946 Post, p. 570. 59 Stat. 58. Ante, p. 182. Ante, p. 182. 57 Stat. 372. 31 U. S. C., Supp. V, §§ 215-217 notes, 223b, 223c. Post, pp . 332,847. Supplies and equip- ment. 33U.S.C.1733and note; 10U. S.C . §1339; 31U.S.C.§529;41 U. S .C .§5;40U.S .C . §§259, 267. Post, p . 809. 69 Stat. 198. 59 Stat. 199. S9 Stat. 199. Persons engaging, etc., in strikes against or advocating over- throw of U. S. Gov- ernment. Affidavit. specified under this head in the Treasury Department Appropriation Act, 1947, for obligations (including payment of accrued annual leave) incurred by and the liquidation of War Agencies placed in liquidation during the fiscal year 1946, $75,400, of which $30,000 shall be immediately available. Division of Disbursement, salaries and expenses: For an additional amount, fiscal year 1946, for salaries and expenses, Division of Disbursement, $825,000. WAR DEPARTMENT-CIVIL FUNCTIONS CErETERIAL EXPENSES (ATor FMAY 16, 1946) For all expenses necessary, not otherwise provided for, to enable the Secretary of War to carry out his responsibilities in connection with the evacuation and return to their homeland of the remains of members of the armed forces and certain citizens and employees of the United States as authorized by the Act of May 16, 1946, Public Law Numbered 383, including funeral and burial expenses or payment of allowances in lieu thereof; personal services at the seat of govern- ment (not to exceed $1,350,000) and elsewhere; construction of build- ings and facilities; acquisition of real estate or interests therein: pur- chase, operation, maintenance, and repair of passenger automobiles; printing and binding; settlement of claims incident to and resulting from activities pursuant to said Act in accordance with the Act approved July 3, 1943 (31 U. S . C. 223b); and communication and other services and supplies at the seat of government or elsewhere; $92,500,000, to remain available until expended: Provided, That the Secretary of War is authorized to furnish, without reimbursement, supplies and equipment in excess of the needs of the Military Establish- ment and to make available existing facilities of the Military Estab- lishment to the fullest extent possible for the accomplishment of the objects provided for herein: Provided further, That expenditures from this appropriation may be made when necessary to carry out its purpose without regard to sections 355, 1136, 3648, 3709, and 3734, Revised Statutes, as amended, or civil-service and classification laws. THE JUDICIARY MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS OF EXPENSE Probation system, United States courts: For an additional amount, fiscal year 1946, for "Probation system, United States Courts", $20,000. Miscellaneous salaries: For an additional amount, fiscal year 1946, for "Miscellaneous salaries", $10,000. Salaries, court reporters: For an additional amount, fiscal year 1946, for "Salaries, court reporters", $58,500. TITLE II-GENERAL PROVISIONS SEC. 201. No part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall be used to pay the salary or wages of any person who engages in a strike against the Government of the United States or who is a member of an organization of Government employees that asserts the right to strike against the Government of the United States, or who advocates, or is a member of an organization that advocates, the overthrow of the Government of the United States by force or violence: Provided, That for the purposes hereof an affidavit shall be considered prima facie evidence that the person making the affi- davit has not contrary to the provisions of this section engaged in 268 [60 STAT.