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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG., 2D SESS.- CH. 445-JUNE 22, 1946 services in the District of Columbia, necessary to enable the Secretary to enforce the provisions of the Acts approved March 2, 1887, March 16, 1906, February 24, 1925, May 16, 1928, February 23, 1929, March 4, 1931, and June 20, 1936, and Acts amendatory thereto (7 U. S . C . 361-363, 365-383, 386-386f), relative to their administration and for the administration of an agricultural experiment station in Puerto Rico, $173,000; and the Secretary shall prescribe the form of the annual financial statement required under the above Acts, ascertain whether the expenditures are in accordance with their provisions, coordinate the research work of the State agricultural colleges and experiment stations in the lines authorized in said Acts with research of the Department in similar lines, and make report thereon to Congress. Federal Experiment Station, Puerto Rico: To enable the Secretary to establish and maintain an agricultural experiment station in Puerto Rico, including the preparation, illustration, and distribution of reports and bulletins, $170,200, of which not to exceed $56,000 may be expended for construction of seven buildings. BUREAU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY SALARIES AND EXPENSES For the employment of persons and means in the District of Colum- bia and elsewhere, including not to exceed $698,246 for departmental personal services in the District of Columbia, for carrying out the provisions of the Act, as amended, establishing a Bureau of Animal Industry, and related Acts, and for investigations concerned with the livestock and meat industries, as follows: Animal husbandry: For investigations and experiments in animal husbandry and animal and poultry feeding and breeding, and for carrying out the purposes of section 101 (b) of the Organic Act of 1944 (7 U. S. C . 429) authorizing cooperation with State authorities in the administration of regulations for the improvement of poultry, poultry products, and hatcheries, $965,900, including not to exceed $20,000 for construction of three or more buildings at the Southwest Poultry Experiment Station, Glendale, Arizona. Diseases of animals: For scientific investigations of diseases of animals, and necessary expenses for investigations of tuberculin, serums, antitoxins, and analogous products $885,000, including not to exceed $30,000 for construction of a building to be used in con- ducting investigations of pneumoencephalitis in poultry and not to exceed $75,000 for enlarging the zoological laboratory building at the Agricultural Research Center. Eradicating tuberculosis and Bang's disease: For the control and eradication of the diseases of tuberculosis and paratuberculosis of animals, avian tuberculosis, and Bang's disease of cattle, $6,750,000: Provided, That no part of the money hereby appropriated shall be used in compensating owners of cattle except in cooperation with and supplementary to payments to be made by State, Territory, county, or municipality where condemnation of cattle shall take place, nor shall any payment be made hereunder as compensation for or on account of any such animal if at the time of inspection or test, or at the time of condemnation thereof, it shall belong to or be upon the premises of any person, firm, or corporation to which it has been sold shipped, or delivered for the purpose of being slaugh- tered: Providedfurther, That out of the money hereby appropriated no payment as compensation for any cattle condemned for slaughter shall exceed one-third of the difference between the appraised value of such cattle and the value of the salvage thereof; that no payment hereunder shall exceed the amount paid or to be paid by the State, 277 24 Stat. 440; 34 Stat. 63; 43 Stat. 970; 45 Stat. 571, 1256; 46 Stat. 1520; 49 Stat. 1553. 7U.8.0.,Supp.V, §367. 23 Stat. 31. 7 U. S. C. §§391- 394; Supp. V, § 391 d seq. 58 Stat. 734. 7U.S.C., Supp.V, §429. Southwest Poultry Experiment Station, Glendale, Ariz. Compensation of cattle ownerS, restric- tions. Limitation on amount of payment.