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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG., 2D SESS.-CH. 512 -JUNE 28, 1946 he was originally appointed under this amendatory Act, and during any term of any such referee his salary shall not be reduced below the salary fixed for him at the beginning of that term: And provided further, That no salary fixed under the provisions of this section for a full-time referee shall be changed more often than once in any two years or in an amount of less than $250. "c. (1) Except as otherwise provided in this Act, there shall be deposited with the clerk, at the time the petition is filed in each case, and at the time an ancillary proceeding is instituted, (a) $17 for each estate for the referees' salary fund, and (b) $15 for each estate for the referees' expense fund, as hereinbelow established: Provided, however, That in cases of voluntary bankruptcy such fees, as well as the filing fees of the clerk and trustee, may be paid in installments, if so authorized by General Order of the Supreme Court of the United States. "(2) Additional fees for the referees' salary fund and for the ref- erees' expense fund shall be charged, in accordance with the schedules fixed by the conference (a) against each estate wholly or partially liquidated in a bankruptcy proceeding, and be computed upon the net proceeds realized; (b) against each case in an arrangement con- firmed under chapter XI of this Act, and be computed upon the amount to be paid to the unsecured creditors upon confirmation of the arrange- ment and thereafter, pursuant to the terms of the arrangement, and, where under the arrangement any part of the consideration to be dis- tributed is other than money, upon the amount of the fair value of such consideration; and (c) against each case in a wage-earner plan confirmed under chapter XIII of this Act, and be computed upon the payments actually made by or for a debtor under the plan. Such schedules of fees may be revised by the Director, with the approval of the conference, not more than once during each calendar year, so that the total amount of fees, allowances and charges collected and to be collected from all sources for the referees' salary fund and for the referees' expense fund will, as near as may be, equal for each fund, respectively, the total amount of salaries paid and to be paid to referees in active service, and the total amount of their expenses: Provided, however, That such schedules of fees shall not be so revised for any year that the total collections estimated by the Director for such year shall exceed by more than 10 per centum the total collections in the preceding year. The Director, with the approval of the conference, may make, and from time to time amend, rules and regulations pre- scribing methods for determining net proceeds realized in asset cases, fair values of considerations, other than money, distributable in arrangement cases, and payments actually made by or for a debtor under the plan in wage-earner cases; prescribing the procedure for collection by the clerk of fees and allowances for the referees' salary fund and the referees' expense fund; and providing for the effective administration of the provisions of this paragraph (2). "(3) Charges for the expense of special services relating to or in connection with proceedings before referees shall be made and col- lected by the referees in accordance with regulations to be prescribed by the Director, with the approval of the conference, and the proceeds shall be paid by the referees to the clerk for transmission to the Treas- ury of the United States for deposit in the referees' expense fund. "(4) A referee's salary fund and a referee's expense fund shall be established in the Treasury of the United States, and the amounts of the various fees and allowances collected by the clerks for the serv- ices of referees, and for their expenses, including the fees, allowances and charges for their services and expenses as conciliation commis- sioners and as special masters under this Act, shall be covered into the Treasury of the United States for the account of such salary fund 327 Deposit require- ments. Installments. Additional fees. 52 Stat. 905. 11U. .c.§701- 799. 52 Stat. 930. 11 U. . c. 51001- 1086. Post, p. 331. Restriction. Rules and regula- tions. Special services. Establishment of salary and expense funds in U. S. Treas- ury.