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79TH OONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 30 -FEB . 18, 1946 Malaria and diseases of tropical origin (national defense), $1,862,501. Training for nurses (national defense), $15,557,000, and the limitation on the amount which may be expended for administra- tive expenses is hereby decreased from "$788,255" to "$611,322". FEDERAL WORKS AGENCY Office of the Administrator: War public works (community facili- ties), $13,700,000. Public Buildings Administration: Emergency safeguarding of public buildings and property, $750,000. Construction of temporary office buildings, Washington, District of Columbia, unobligated balance. Public Roads Administration: Flight strips (national defense), $318,008. NATIONAL HOUSING AGENCY Office of the Administrator: War housing, $74,355,000. War housing in and near the District of Columbia, $3,372,000. Reserves: From the reserve account established by the National Housing Administrator in the Treasury pursuant to section 303 of Public Law 849, Seventy-sixth Congress, approved October 14, 1940, as amended, $50,000,000. Section 303 of the Act of October 14, 1940, as amended (42 U. S . C. 1521), is hereby amended by inserting "(a)" after the figures "303", and adding the following new subsections: "(b) Moneys derived by the National Housing Administrator from the disposition of property, or from the removal of temporary housing, acquired or constructed under the provisions of this Act, of Public Laws Numbered 9, 73, and 353, Seventy-seventh Congress, and of sec- tion 201 of the Second Supplemental National Defense Appropria- tion Act, 1941, as amended, shall be available for expenses of disposi- tion and removal, including the establishment of necessary reserves therefor and administrative expenses in connection therewith: Pro- vided, That moneys derived by said Administrator from the disposi- tion of any such property or the removal of any such temporary housing may be deposited in a common fund account or accounts in the Treasury: And provided further, That except for necessary reserves authorized by this Act or by section 201 of the Second Supple- mental National Defense Appropriation Act, 1941, as amended, the unobligated balances of the moneys deposited into the Treasury from the disposition of any such property or the removal of any such temporary housing shall be covered at the end of each fiscal year into miscellaneous receipts. "(c) Moneys in the reserve account established by the National Housing Administrator pursuant to subsections (a) and (b) of this section 303 shall not exceed $25,000,000 at any time: Provided, That all moneys in said account shall be covered into miscellaneous receipts not later than two years after the President shall have declared that the emergency declared by him on September 8, 1939, has ceased to exist." In all, independent offices, $666,040,849. Post, pp. 221, 222. 59 Stat. 419. 59 Stat. 113 . 59 Stat. 115. 59 Stat. 82 . 55 Stat. 363. 42 U. S. C., Snpp. V, § 1543. Infra. 42 U. S. C., Supp. V, § 1543. Availability of des- ignated moneys. 55 Stat. 14 197, 810 . 42 U. S. C., Supp. V, § 1523 note. 54 Stat. 883 . Deposits. 54 Stat. 883 . Moneys in rserve aceount. Supra. 54 Stat. 2643 . 50 U. S. C. app., note prec. i 1. Total. 9 60 STAT.]