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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 529-JULY 1, 1946 institutions, and advances so made shall be reimbursed in not to exceed eight years under such regulations as the Secretary may prescribe: fundilability of Provided further, That all moneys reimbursed during the fiscal year 1947 shall be credited to the respective appropriations and be available Tribal enterprises. for the purposes of this paragraph: Provided further, That funds available under this paragraph may be used for the establishment and operation of tribal enterprises when proposed by Indian tribes and approved under regulations prescribed by the Secretary: Provided Regulations. further, That enterprises operated under the authority contained in the foregoing proviso shall be governed by the regulations established for the making of loans from the revolving loan fund authorized by tAdvances. the Act of June 18, 1934 (25 U. S . C . 470): Provided further, That the unexpended balances of prior appropriations under this head for any tribe, including reimbursements to such appropriations and the appropriations made herein, may be advanced to such tribe, if incor- porated, for use under regulations established for the making of loans from the revolving loan fund authorized by the Act of June 18, 1934 (25 U. S. C. 470). Pima cropping operations (tribal funds): For continuing subju- gation and for cropping operations on the lands of the Pima Indians in Arizona, there shall be available not to exceed $200,000 of the revenues derived from these operations and deposited into the Treas- ury of the United States to the credit of such Indians, and such revenues are hereby made available for payment of irrigation opera- tion and maintenance charges assessed against tribal or allotted lands of said Pima Indians. Suppressing forest and range fires (tribal funds): For the sup- pression or emergency prevention of forest and range fires on or threatening Indian reservations, $25,000, payable from funds held by the United States in trust for the respective tribes interested. Support of Indian schools (tribal funds): For the support of Indian schools, and for other educational purposes, including care of Indian children of school age attending public and private schools, tuition and other assistance for Indian pupils attending public schools, and support and education of deaf, dumb or blind, physically handicapped, delinquent, or mentally deficient Indian children, there may be expended from Indian tribal funds and from school revenues 44Stat. 56 . arising under the Act of May 17, 1926 (25 U. S . C . 155), not more Contracts. than $410,000: Provided, That formal contracts shall not be required for payment (which may be made from the date of admission) of such tuition and care of Indian pupils. Alaika. The Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of War are hereby naval base, etc. authorized to transfer to the Secretary of the Interior for the use of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, without compensation therefor, the entire Sitka naval base on Japonski Island and the entire Army installations on the adjacent Charcoal and Alice Islands, located in Alaska, including the land, buildings, and utilities, with the draw- ings, pertaining thereto, and all materials and equipment on both installations, and in addition, the said Secretaries and the War Assets Administrator are authorized to transfer to the Department of the Interior for the use of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, without compensation therefor, any other surplus materials, supplies, and equipment needed to equip and operate these facilities for school and hospital purposes. Vehicles, Indian Service: Not to exceed $450,000 of applicable appro- priations made herein for the Bureau of Indian Affairs shall be avail- able for the maintenance, repair, and operation of motor-propelled and horse-drawn passenger-carrying vehicles for the use of employees in the Indian field service, and the transportation of Indian school 362 [60 STAT.