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12 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 30-FEB. 18, 1946 [60 STAT. INDEPENDENT OFFICES 59 Stat. 127. United States Maritime Commission: Construction fund, Act June 46 U. . C. 1116; 29, 1936, revolving fund. $325,900,000. Supp. V, 1116 notes. Post, p. 222. FEDERAL WORKS AGENCY Public Roads Administration: 9stat. 117. Strategic highway network, $1,484,363. 59 Stat. 117. Access roads, $2,576,845. REDUCTIONS IN LIMITATIONS ON ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES Limitations on amounts from funds of corporations and other agencies for administrative expenses are hereby reduced in the follow- ing sums: EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT 59 Stat. 418. Office for Emergency Management: Foreign Economic Administra- Pst, p.2. tion, Rubber Development Corporation, $249,500. 59stat. 480 War Shipping Administration: Revolving fund, $4,312,000. Maritime training fund, $519,357. INDEPENDENT OFFICES 59 Stat. 47 . Smaller War Plants Corporation: Administrative expenses, $1,550,000, and the limitation under this head on the amount of penalty-mail costs is hereby decreased from "$50,000" to "$40 000" 59 Stat. 127. . 49 Stat .1 United States Maritime Commission: suppuv 8 . 1116;no Construction fund, Act June 29,1936, revolving fund, $2,687,450. EXTENDING AVArLABILITY OF APPROPRIATIONS The following appropriations for the fiscal year 1946 are hereby continued available until June 30, 1946, except as modified in this title. Executive Office of the President: 69 Stat. 106. Bureau of the Budget, national defense activities. Ante, p. 8 Independent Offices: Civil Service Commission, salaries and expenses (national defense). Federal Communications Commission, salaries and expenses (national defense). Federal Power Commission: National defense activities. Federal Security Agency: 59 Stat. 375. Office of the Administrator: Salaries and expenses, Office of Community War Services; Expenses, temporary aid to enemy aliens and other restricted persons. Department of the Interior: 5Stat.318 . Office of the Secretary: A.10. Salaries and expenses, Division of Geography, Department of the Interior. CORPORATE FUNDS To BE TRANSFERRED TO THE TREASURY EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Office for Emergency Management: 5tt.476. Office of Inter-American Affairs: The Director of the Office of Inter-American Affairs is hereby directed to deposit in the